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Your Step-By-Step Timeline To Kitchen Renovations

by | Feb 9, 2021 | Kitchen renovations

Kitchen renovations are one of the most popular home up-gradation tasks among homeowners in Liverpool. There are many steps involved in smartly planning and coordinating for making it stress-free and to have a satisfying outcome.

Mapping out a plan is crucial, to begin with, and this process itself takes a little time. As the entire Kitchen Renovations In Liverpool depend on this map. You can talk to your kitchen remodel contractor and ask him to explain their work and what will happen after the renovation process begins. 

Below is a step-by-step guide to kitchen renovations in Liverpool.

  • Designing your kitchen:

  • One of the most exciting steps in the renovation process is to design the process
  • You can take your time to ensure, you explore all the possible layout options with your contractor
  • Spending and focusing more on this step will help you not regret it later, in the process
  • Once you have decided on the finishes and appliances, you can place your order
  • Removing already existing cabinets:

  • After you have placed an order for your new cabinets, the supplier will give you a tentative date of delivery
  • Before you receive them, make sure to remove the existing cabinets 
  • After your renovation process starts, you will not be able to access your kitchen
  • Hence, set up a temporary kitchen, out somewhere, where you can cook and eat
  • Disconnect all your appliances before the removal of cabinets
  • This step does not take more than a day
  • The building work begins:

  • This is the step where the majority of structural work will happen
  • For example: Building new walls
  • Rough installation of plumbing and electrical work should take place in this step
  • Installation of cabinets:

  • Once the building work is completed, the new kitchen cabinets can be installed
  • This step takes from three to five days depending on the size of the kitchen
  • You can DIY, or it is always better to let your kitchen remodel contractor handle cabinets
  • Installing the benchtop:

  • If you are planning on installing smart benchtops like laminate or solid timber, then you can have them made along with the cabinets
  • You will get them simultaneously with the cabinets and you would not have to wait for them to arrive
  • Connecting the electricals and plumbing:

  • Once the benchtops are installed, the electrician can come and connect appliances 
  • The plumber too can begin with his work by fixing taps and sink
  • Laying flooring:

  • Kitchen flooring is done after the installation of other components
  • This ensures that the layer does not get damaged by any of the contractors
  • Painting the walls:

  • The painting should be the last step in the kitchen renovations timeline in Liverpool
  • Cover all the cabinets in order to protect them from any spillage due to paints

These were the steps that one has to follow to get a successful kitchen renovation done in Liverpool. Now, that you are aware of all the steps, you are absolutely good to begin!