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Your Guide to Budget Kitchen Remodelling Kellyville

by | Jun 17, 2021 | Home Improvement, Kitchen, Kitchen renovations

Don’t let lofty design plans run you out of budget. With careful planning, kitchen remodelling in Kellyville can be extremely cost-effective. Here’s a guide. 

Homeowners get kitchen remodelling Kellyville for any number of reasons – they want their kitchens to be more space-efficient, they want to purchase new kitchen appliances and gadgets, or maybe they’re just tired of looking at their old kitchens! Whatever these reasons are, homeowners must remember to note them down.

That’s because many homeowners start their kitchen renovations and makeovers with fixed visions, only to be lured into other offers and deals along the way. By doing so, they strain their remodelling budgets. That’s why they must evaluate their current kitchens honestly and clarify the types of improvements they need the most.

By having a clear set of remodelling objectives, they can focus on fulfilling their most urgent requirements first and avoid going over budget. Here’s a guide to getting cost-efficient kitchen remodelling Kellyville – 

Assess How You Use the Kitchen

Homeowners must evaluate their lifestyles and assess what role their kitchens play in them. For example, if the primary cook of the house is a tall person who only cooks small meals, his/her kitchen requirements will be completely different to a short person who cooks large meals for large families.

Other factors like the types of cooking they do (baking/grilling) or the number of guests they entertain will also play key roles in their renovation plans. Some clear goals that homeowners need to set before investing in kitchen renovations and makeovers include –

  • Size – Is the size of their current kitchens acceptable, or do they need more floor space, counter space, or more storage space? Kitchens need to be space-efficient to be functional. So, clarifying the space-related objectives to renovation experts should be every homeowner’s first step.
  • Layouts – What aspects of the current layouts do they want to keep after the renovation? If they need new layouts for their kitchens to improve traffic flow, they’ll need to set aside significant chunks of their budgets for tasks like relocating the sink or creating separate islands in the kitchen,
  • Immediate Appliance Requirements – Just because a seller is recommending the latest smart kitchen appliances to you doesn’t mean that they’ll enhance your kitchen experiences. Homeowners must always assess the existing items in their kitchens and decide which ones they want to keep. Then, they should focus on kitchen appliances that make their day to day lives easier. For example, instead of upgrading your existing microwave, get a new dishwasher. Such small compromises are vital for budget-efficient kitchen renovation projects.

Deciding How Many Changes You Can Afford to Make

There are three levels of kitchen remodelling in Kellyville. Each level comes with different price tags.

  • Minor Remodels – Minor remodels are ideal for homeowners who only want a few aspects of their kitchens to be remodelled. For example, if replacing a faulty sink is an immediate priority, adding or replacing well-functioning cabinets is something that can be delayed.
  • Complete Makeovers – Most folks get complete kitchen makeovers every five to six years to keep their kitchens up-to-date with the latest colours and design trends. Makeovers are expensive, and homeowners should plan for these projects years in advance.
  • Major Upgrades – If cabinets need to be refurbished, new floors need to be installed, and new appliances need to be purchase – homeowners should be prepared to spend five figures.

Decide which type of remodelling you need and create an appropriate budget!