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Will Black Appear Realistic In Designing A Small Kitchen?

by | Aug 14, 2019 | Construction

Each individual has a different colour choice. When it is about renovating a small kitchen, some might like white, red, brown, blue, pink or a mixture of all these. However, no one thinks of the colour Black. Reason being the myth! It is widely accepted that this particular colour, along with the other darker tones, absorbs light and make the area look gloomy.

True! But, according to the professional kitchen designers and renovators, it’s not always right. The trick lies behind judicially using the colour black. It is a universal colour and adds a touch of glory to the other colours. Apart from this, a bit of black colour is always going to enhance the beauty of the place.

Is it going to be viable for the small kitchens in Clovelly? Absolutely yes! The success lies behind how it is used. The right proportion, appropriate combination, and the proper application is always going to add beauty to the kitchen.

The following are some of the ways, as suggested by experts, that are going to add glory to even the smallest of the kitchen—

  • Creating Contrast to a BLACK Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island has been popular in the past few years because it adds space and allows smooth manoeuvring while cooking or dining. The experts who are into the business of kitchen renovation suggest creating contrast between the dark coloured kitchen cabinetry and other accessories like the dining table, kitchen benchtops, flooring, and wall tiles as well. The light shade is always going to be a perfect choice.

The lighter shade of the colour is always going to fade the kitchen island with the surrounding making space look bigger.

Additionally, one can add glass for the cabinet doors to make sure that the kitchens in Clovelly reflect a significant amount of light. 

  • Embracing Black Cabinetry with Glass Doors or Inserts

The purpose of renovation or colour selection has always been to add an aesthetic and visual appearance. Therefore, according to the professional renovators, embracing the black panelled cabinetry with glass doors or insert will always add a ‘pinch’ of extra visual delight. The idea should always be on relying on the magic of using clear glasses.

However, for the kitchens in Clovelly, frosted or etched glass can also be the right pick to hide the content without affecting the glaze and brightness.

  • Showing Reliance on Open Shelf Design

Most of the renovations have always been towards bettering the user experience and make space. Experts say that open shelving can be yet another significant way towards breaking the monotony and improving the visual appearance. The approach should always be towards improvising the best techniques like using the lighter shades of the colour, backsplashes, etc.

  • Implementing Transitions of Darker Shades

Most of the kitchens in Clovelly are relying on brighter features. Following a pattern and incorporating using the usage of different shades of the black colour is going to make the small kitchen look visually appealing and larger. In addition to this, the selection of the right wall colour will add luminosity.


Not always black colour is going to make the kitchen look small. It is the application of the other accessories and attachments in the right way that plays a crucial role in ensuring that the small kitchen no longer looks small.