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Why your Business needs Corporate Video

by | Dec 27, 2018 | News & Media

A business be it a start-up or an established corporation have their own story to tell. Be it their values, their work ethic, their accomplishments, their ethics etc. all of this is what makes a company unique and valuable in its own aspect and what better media format to convey this than video.

With the boom of Youtube and other video sharing platforms, older platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc. are all now shifting their focus towards video content more and that too for a good reason. Video is the format which can make your company name go viral overnight. So it makes perfect sense to have a professional corporate video which will convey all your values, ethics, messages etc. in a more efficient way. These videos also can be used in a variety of events like charity, sponsorship, recruitment etc.

So let us go over a few reasons why your business needs a corporate video:

● Drives more engagement: People have become lazy and they want to consume information faster and easily. A video on your webpage or any event is much likely to get viewed rather than static text or pictures or pamphlets of some sort. Plus it engages the audience and the call for action actually has an effect on the people compared to other formats.

● People remember your message more: Various studies have shown that people tend to remember your message more if they see a video of it rather than pictures or static text. 90% of the information processed by the brain is visual and it is approximately rendered 60,000 times faster than other formats. Apart from that is the most engaging, intuitive and efficient way of conveying your message to your clients or target audience.

● Increases shareability: Creative video has its own place in the social media. If you use Facebook or any other social media platform, chances are that your feed is flooded with videos ranging from memes to product info to political party agendas and so on. Why? cause people tend to share videos more than any format on social media. So why not tap into this powerful source? The chances of your video to go viral is much more than a text to go viral. According to a study done by YouTube, approximately 700 videos are shared on Twitter every minute.

● Enriches branding: People want to do business with people they trust and a corporate video creates that level of trust between you and your client. It shows them who you are behind the logo, what your objectives are, your successful campaigns and so on. Plus it adds another format to your company’s branding so why not?

● Return on Investment: Have you ever seen an Apple or Google corporate video and have immediately wanted to work with them or buy a product or know more about it? Chances are most of us have. Why? Because it engages all our senses. Such is the power of a quality corporate video. Sure it is a bit costly than other media formats but it does give high return on your investment which is totally value for your money.

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