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Why Virtual Guard is Right for Your Property

by | Jul 22, 2021 | Home Security, security system

Virtual guarding is considered one of the most advanced, technological methods for protecting an area or property. A virtual guard is basically an actual, licensed security guard that is placed remotely. The guard then simultaneously connects to the area being monitored through the NET. 

Being that said, societies have real-time communication as well as human intervention. With the help of a virtual guard, you can attain protective monitoring at facilities, visitor verification at gates, database management, etc. 

Virtual guarding services enables monitoring of several areas at the same time. If something happened at the poolside and a visitor needs verification at the gate, both these events can be looked after concurrently. A virtual guard is proficient enough to function with an on-site guard and law enforcement. 


But the question is: How to determine if a virtual guard is right for your property?


 It’s pretty easy to determine:

  • Virtual guards are helped by high-tech monitoring devices, devoid of any oddity such as inert. A virtual guard is not an individual sitting outside your house, they are particularly a team of guards that prefect the CCTV cameras that supervise your house. There’s a possibility that your security guard might fall asleep or might go out for a walk, providing trespassers with a chance to achieve their hideous task. But these virtual guards will never leave your premises abandoned and will keep a strict vigil. 
  • Singapore is known for being one of the most technologically advanced nations. Virtual guards in Singapore have a CCTV monitoring service 24*7. Hence, your house is protected all the time. 
  • Virtual guards are much more affordable as compared to the local security guards.
  • Believe it or not, virtual guards can save a huge chunk of money. With the crime rate soaring high, most businesses and communities call for security services. The need for security is the need of an hour, but the price may force firms to leave without security, making them fall prey to theft and vandalism. With virtual guards, you’re secured 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, encompassing holidays.
  • A virtual guard is absolutely apt for your property, as you can rely on them. The process doesn’t involve any focus issues or human mistakes. Provided, you need to look after the maintenance to attain the best outcome. Since technology is involved in this process, which indicates you attain an enhanced view in the dark, over the entire property at one instance. 
  • With virtual guards, it’s possible to monitor every room and space on the property. You can even receive live warnings.


An amalgamation of virtual guards followed by on-site security officers is the most favourable solution. 


If you possess restricted resources and can choose only one option, then it should be a virtual guard because:

  • They’re cent per cent reliable and you need not be anxious about sick leaves, vacations, and different staffing issues.
  • They’re blessed with special visibility cheers to multiple camera views from their remote monitoring locations.
  • Virtual guards exist in more than one place at one time and counter ASAP to potential security.

The above-mentioned points clearly specify why a virtual guard is apt for your property.