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Why Use Basement Waterproof Sealer?

by | Oct 28, 2019 | Construction

Looking for the best water sealant? Well, you need to check this blog for complete guidance. Maintenance of the house is very important. The durability of the house depends on the material used for construction and regular maintenance. The basement of the house should be secured from the moisture so waterproofing the basement of the building is very important. If the basement is affected by the moisture then it will cause structural damage, development of mould. Another name of waterproof sealer is masonry sealer. You can purchase waterproof sealer from a hardware store. The detailed information about the basement waterproofing sealer is given in this article. 

Need for basement waterproof sealer:

  • The normal concrete surface is not waterproof. It contains small micropores on the surface of the concrete. Water is absorbed slowly and continuously by the pores. This process of absorption of water by the pores on the concrete is called capillary action. 
  • When minerals in the basement of the concrete are mixed with the moisture it forms a lime deposit on the layer of the concrete. This lime formation will affect the property of the concrete to a greater extent.
  • Very minute leakage because of capillary action is a very hard spot by normal people. Waterproofing on the exterior of the basement wall will not prevent this action. Chemical reaction because of this process will affect the basement concrete.
  • Chemical weathering is common on a normal concrete surface with pH 9. Since the pH level is high they contain more alkaline matter. Concrete surfaces are damaged because of the chemical reaction formed by the mixing of moisture and the alkalis. 
  • The capillary action on the concrete wall even affects the waterproof coating given after the normal painting of the concrete.

To avoid capillary action and to prevent the concrete basement it is suggested to use a waterproofing sealer. It will prevent your basement by keeping alkalis in their normal state. 

Basics of waterproof sealer:

Waterproof sealers can be used in all types of base materials. The synthetic sealer will bind the material. After applying the sealer the concrete basement should be left open for some time to dry. After a perfect finish, the layer will be impermeable. The waterproof sealer can work and will not be affected by harsh and different weather conditions.

Waterproof sealers are usually stored in plastic containers. There is a specific process for using the waterproof sealer and the detail process is mentioned in the manual provided along with the container. Multiple coating of waterproof sealer should be applied for better results with the proper time interval between each coating. The process of applying a waterproof sealer is very slow. Only after the first coating has dried the second coating should be applied. Waterproof sealer is similar to the normal wall paint in texture and density so it can be applied with normal paint roller and brush. 

Waterproof sealers are available in various ranges. The price of the sealer depends on the quality and the feature of the sealer. Waterproof sealers can be used on the new and also old surface. Spray type sealers are also available but they are costly compared with the normal one.