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Why Use Aluminium Awning Windows and Bifold Doors?

by | Dec 28, 2019 | Home Improvement

Modern aluminium doors and windows made of the aluminium profile are very different from those produced 10-15 years ago. The changes affected many factors, among which the final consumers are most interested in thermal conductivity and design. So, what can you expect today to people who decide to buy aluminium awning windows?

Optimal energy saving options- Is it possible to say that all currently produced aluminium windows are warm? No, it all depends on the needs of the customer. The manufacture of aluminium awning windows may include the addition of glass-filled polyamide, which allows the metal to compete in thermal conductivity with polyvinyl chloride. On the other hand, if the location of the window does not imply contact with the external environment and the accompanying heat loss, then the buyer will not have to overpay for unclaimed characteristics.

Durability- Despite ingenious manufacturing techniques and special additives, plastic still cannot compete with metal in terms of strength. The price of aluminium awning windows, which may seem a little too high, will pay off many times over 80 years of operation. And these are not empty promises – unlike PVC, a lot of experience and research has been accumulated in this kind of product. You can also decipher the concept of “durability” as “resistance to UV, bacteria, moisture, cleaning products, mechanical stress, and several other factors that can shorten the life of a plastic or wooden window.”

  • How wide is the doorway needed to install double doors?


bifold door sydneyIn answer to this question, it is worth recalling that the following dimensions belong to the standard width of the door leaf: 400, 550, 600, 700, 800, 900 mm. Consequently, the width of the doorway for a bifold door can be from 900 to 1900 mm (+10 mm is added for the door frame). Although a single door with a width of 800 or 900 mm can be put in an opening with a diameter of 900 – 1000 mm.




  • One and a half asymmetric double doors

The next point regarding the width of door leaves and openings is that often only one leaf is used in a bifold door, and the second is fixed in the opportunity. In such cases, if the symmetry of the width of the canvases is not critical for you, it is more reasonable to put canvases of different widths – one broad main, second narrower, which will remain fixed in the opening with the help of crossbars and only open if necessary. The usual width of the panels for such doors is one leaf with a diameter of 400 mm, and the second 600-900 mm.

  • Accessories for a double door

The set of fittings for a bifold door is almost the same as for a single-leaf. The only difference is that the number of hinges will be required twice as much – 4 pieces, and the rest, both the handles themselves and the latches or locks to them, are the same as those of a single-leaf door.

As well as in the components of the bifold door in Sydney itself, the set of accessories for double doors includes a specific element – a door bolt (latch), which is needed to fix one of the paintings in the doorway. Otherwise, the doors will open, but they cannot be locked. It is recommended to install two crossbars: one from above and one from below.