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Why is Proper Garage Door Installation and Service Needed?

by | Apr 25, 2020 | Business, garage doors

Garage doors are a rather complicated structure. Without proper garage door installation, various nuances may arise. But if you adhere to certain rules, then the operation process will become long and effective. And when there is a need for repair, it will be implemented quickly and without complications.

What do you need to know to maintain a garage door properly?

The most important rule that every owner of a garage door should know and follow is to entrust the maintenance of the structure to the specialists of the company that was involved in its installation. Even if you have experience in the technical field, you should invite the employees of the company that carried out the installation.

This is because, they know all the details and design features, and they can expertly advise you, as well as quickly identify any existing malfunctions, even the most minor ones at first glance. If you entrust the process of maintenance of garage doors to professionals entirely, you will protect yourself from the hassle and high financial costs.

A prerequisite for servicing the door is compliance with safety regulations. For maintenance and technical work, it is necessary to use only the set of tools that is specified in the installation.  

The frequency of servicing garage doors depends on the mode in which they operate. In a good climate, maintenance should be carried out at least once a year, and in severe weather and climate conditions, at least once every six months.

Conditions under which your garage door requires more frequent maintenance:

  • Severe climate conditions – strong winds, long frosts, frequent and prolonged rainfall
  • If they are being used frequently

Preparing for garage door service

First of all, you need to make sure that the installation of garage doors is made without errors, and follows the technical regulations. At the moment when the door is installed, it is necessary to level the support posts in a vertical plane. To ensure the free movement of the door, it must be appropriately lubricated using oil. 

It is imperative that you carefully inspect the door cables to detect any damage. If any defects are found, the cables must be replaced with new ones. A torsion shaft is also checked for damage.

Be sure to check for signs of corrosion on the ratchet clutch and the surface of the torsion spring. If there is damage, the surface of the elements must be cleaned of corrosion and treated with special compounds against rust. Then all parts must be tightened with fixing tools. If the parts have significant damage, then it is better to replace them with new ones.

Another essential step in the servicing of garage doors is to check the condition of the running rollers, and vertical and horizontal guide rails, with their subsequent alignment if necessary. It is also necessary to check how the door operates. This is done by adjusting the internal elements. If they are not functioning correctly, they must be reinstalled or wholly replaced with a new one.