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Why is it Necessary to get Plans approved before any Underground Plumbing Activity?

by | Mar 4, 2020 | Construction, Services

If you are thinking of going for underground excavation works in your Sydney based residential house or complex, you must get it sanctioned by the authorized personnel or authority.

The concerned people cite several reasons behind this. The following write-up highlights all the essential factors that govern why Sydney water building plan approvals stand so important before getting started with the underground excavation for the installation of sewer pipelines or water pipes.

The following are some of the main reasons that are covered behind the purpose of getting the plan approved—

Ensuring the Pipeline has Proper Connection and Disconnection Points

The main reason behind getting the plan approved by the concerned authority is to ascertain that the proposed pipeline has proper entry and exit. If the pipeline is about carrying sewage material, social hygiene and safety stand crucial.

Apart from this, person-in-charge looks for whether all the proper steps have been taken for the disposal so that the environment is not impacted.

In addition to this, Sydney water building plan approvals mean looking for the presence of other utilities like water pipelines, electricity in the vicinity of the proposed excavation site.

Ensuring the Project Keeps the Interest of the People Around

Safety plays a crucial role either during the installation of the pipeline or after that. The proposal or the plan includes the methods and the steps that the developer is going to undertake during the entire construction phase.

Apart from this, according to one of the professionals associated with the projects, the plan must also mention the zone in which the project is going to take place as construction or installation, at times, varies with place.

Ensuring Whether the Project Considers Proper Backflow Prevention

To ensure hygiene and proper sanitation, backflow prevention is considered. All the major Sydney water building plan approvals take into consideration whether the project is having the proper backflow prevention or not.

It is all about ensuring the measures taken in order to reduce the risk of contamination of the potable water or any other water supply.

According to the rules, every water connection must have proper backflow containment.

In addition to this, all contractors should consider the installation of encasement irrespective of the Sydney water sewer encasement cost.

It is also recommended that licensed plumbers should have a thorough assessment of the place before proceeding with the plan.

Presence of Building and other Places of Commercial Importance

Each of the excavation projects poses a threat to the present buildings. The plan proposal should indicate and mention clearly the path through which the pipeline is to be laid.

The experts scrutinizing the plan reserves the right if the panel thinks that any excavation is going to pose a threat to the adjoining building. Therefore, Sydney water building plan approvals should take note of this thing.


For the welfare of the people and to ascertain that there will be no such threat during the excavation for laying down of the pipelines, plan approval stands so important and is a mandatory step.