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Why Investing In Aluminium Sliding Doors Is A Win-win For Homeowners

by | Jan 6, 2021 | Doors & Windows

High-quality aluminium sliding doors offer countless benefits to homeowners both performance-wise and aesthetically. Compared to traditional timber doors or PVC sliding doors, these doors are much more efficient. The recent bushfires highlighted the need for having bushfire-rated doors and furniture sets in homes. Aluminium doors come with highly impressive Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) ratings which make them the safest choice for all homeowners, irrespective of how ‘safe’ they may feel. As a material, aluminium is highly fire-resistant. Sliding doors made of aluminium come with at least BAL-40 ratings. When installed by professionals who have experience working with BAL-rated building materials, these doors can be life-savers. There are several other reasons to install aluminium sliding doors. Some important ones include – 


In the past, sliding doors were perceived as non-durable. However, with several advancements in techniques, their durability has massively increased. Modern-day aluminium sliding doors don’t come with loose springs or shoddy panels. Plus, aluminium is naturally resistant to external elements and doesn’t trust easily, which makes these doors even more durable. 

If an installer gives these doors surface treatments, these doors can retain their aesthetical value for decades, irrespective of what types of external elements they’re exposed to. Aluminium is weatherproof, which makes these doors extra-efficient in high-wind areas. Structurally, aluminium can be designed to be as strong as timber.


Aluminium may not be as cheap as vinyl or plastic, but it’s ten times more long-lasting than those materials. On the other hand, aluminium is cheaper than timber and as strong. Overall, aluminium doors are the most cost-efficient option in the current furniture market. Plus, aluminium sliding doors are easier to install and customise. Despite costing much less than timber, aluminium doors require very little maintenance. On top of these savings, homeowners can also reduce their energy bills. Sliding doors are known for providing energy-efficient experiences. They open/close within seconds, ensuring hot or cold air doesn’t enter the rooms very easily. As long as homeowners get thermal composite insulation for these doors, they can expect to save a lot by investing in these doors. 

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Aesthetic Boost 

High-quality, aluminium sliding doors can instantly raise the beauty quotient of any home. They can transform any home décor and make the rooms appear more spacious and airy. On average, sliding doors are much bigger than traditional doors. The glass panels allow maximum passage of natural light into the rooms. Rooms are ‘sun-kissed’ after these doors are installed. For garden owners, there’s no better way to get an outside view than using these doors. 

Also, the aluminium frames on these doors can be powder-coated if homeowners want different types of finishes. Irrespective of the size of these aluminium doors, they never warp, twist, or face damage after being exposed to harsh weather conditions, unlike timber panels. Most homeowners assume that all aluminium sliding doors have an “industrial” look. They couldn’t be more wrong. Aluminium frames are now available in hundreds of colours and finishes. Homeowners can even pick door frames that suit their interior décor.