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Why Hearing Tests Are Important For Children?

by | Oct 11, 2021 | Health

It is always advised to people of all ages to undertake hearing tests to identify the problems and work on them to help in their growth and development. The need to conduct hearing tests in Dubbo arises when hearing disorders are diagnosed or you yourself start experiencing symptoms. It is always a possibility that hearing issues may go undiagnosed for months which makes the cases severe.

In the case of children, performing hearing tests is much more important as it directly affects their social skills, speech, and language development. The treatment is more effective when the problem is detected at an early age. It will also ensure your child with special services if needed.

What are the causes of hearing loss in children?

There can be a lot of reasons as to why your child is unable to hear properly. Sometimes, the child may undergo a temporary hearing loss due to the common cold. Other reasons can be:

  • Sometimes, the child can be suffering from a medical condition called glue ear. Here, a fluid build-up takes place in the middle ear which is a common situation in young children nowadays.
  • If you have a family history, it can also stop the nerves from functioning properly.
  • Sometimes, an infection can be developed at the embryo stage that is termed as rubella or German measles. Development of this condition can lead to progressive hearing loss. 
  • Hearing tests help to identify the damages caused to the auditory nerve if any. This nerve is responsible for sending signals to the brain. Its function can be interrupted due to head surgery or some severe head injury.
  • Birth asphyxia is also a major reason behind hearing loss.

You must look for some of the best specialists in Dubbo that can help you in dealing with the problem and providing you with the best treatments available. They will perform a physical examination and will also have a look at the family history to understand things better. 

The symptoms of hearing loss are different in babies and older children. When talking about older children, their hearing loss can be identified by symptoms like poor concentration, wrong pronunciation of words, unresponsiveness, asking others to repeat, or listening to shows at high volume. In such cases, consulting an audiologist is one of the best options.

At what intervals should a child’s hearing test be done?

Few weeks after birth

This test is termed newborn hearing screening and is conducted within a few days after birth. It is done for every child and the parents are always encouraged to bring their children to the hospital for tests.

9 months to 2.5 years

The hearing test can be conducted at any hearing centre in Dubbo and the queries can be cleared. The doctors can review the growth and development of children as well.

4 to 5 years

As the child is about to enter the school, the hearing test is conducted to ensure the smooth functioning of the ears. This is done so that the child does not face difficulty in the learning process. 

These are some of the ideal ages at which tests can be conducted to be on the safer side. Apart from this, you are always free to visit an audiologist whenever you wish to.