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Why Frameless And Frosted Custom Shower Screens Sydney Are The Best

by | Jan 13, 2021 | Home Improvement

From curvaceous symmetrical shapes to coloured frames, custom shower screens in Sydney come in various designs. But, here’s “frameless” and “frosted” are the keywords for design experts this season. 

Showers screens can make small and cramped bathrooms look spacious and classy. These sleek structures can also be decorated in accordance with a bathroom’s existing décor style. Plus, if you get Custom Shower Screens In Sydney made of high-quality glass, your shower screens will also make your bathrooms shine. Most importantly, shower screens always look seamless and effortless. Unlike other bathroom décor features, they’re not eye-grabbing but classy in their own right. A finely designed floor-to-ceiling shower screen can make any room look ten times better. To create better visual impacts, homeowners should go ‘frameless.’ 


  • Frameless Shower Screens:


The best part about frameless custom shower screens in Sydney is that they fit with bathrooms of all sizes. You can get a wall-to-wall frameless screen with fixed panels and sliding doors. Or, if your bathroom is relatively small, you can opt for corner shower screens with one swinging door. Some of the latest bathroom designs feature curved shower screens that make small corners in bathrooms look fascinating. Or, if you want space optimization, you can always go for the ever-reliable rectangular frameless shower screens. Be it a custom panel or a single shower panel – when you choose frameless shower screens, you must prioritize safety by getting screens made of toughened or tempered glass. 


  • Frosted Glass – What is It? 


Frosted glass is used in spaces where there’s a need to manipulate the transmission of light. Frosted glass panels are translucent, so the light exiting through these panels doesn’t travel in straight lines and creates wonderful illusions. Hence, they’re ideal for small showers! Manufacturers of frosted glass panels sandblast, or acid etched clear glass to make them translucent. These processes also give these panels smooth satin-like textures. Designers recommend frosted glass to homeowners shopping for custom shower screens in Sydney not only because it’s extremely good-looking, but also because it’s super-sturdy. 


  • Key Advantages of Frosted Glass Shower Screens:


People add frosted glass custom shower screens Sydney to their bathrooms for numerous reasons. Firstly, the translucent nature of frosted glass offers privacy. Due to the light manipulation caused by these panels, people outside the shower can’t clearly see people inside the shower. So, privacy lovers will love frosted glass shower doors. Frosted glass, thanks to its grainy surface, is very easy to clean. They don’t pick up water streak stains as easily as clear glass doors. Plus, homeowners don’t have to pay for the privacy these glass panels offer with darkness. Frosted glass shower panels allow sufficient light to pass into shower spaces. They only block ultraviolet rays!

Aesthetic Risk?

Many people think frosted glass custom shower screens in Sydney aren’t versatile in style like regular glass. These misconceptions are wrong as frosted glass is equally versatile as regular glass in terms of design options. These panels are available in countless shapes, sizes, designs, etc. Plus, the grainy look and texture give frosted glass panels an edge over regular glasses. By investing in high-quality frosted and frameless glass shower screens, homeowners get a guaranteed assurance of quality and durability!