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Why Every Dentist Parramatta Wants Patients To Invest In Their Gum Health

by | May 3, 2021 | Dental Services

Summary – Every leading dentist Parramatta, advises patients to invest in their gum health. Here’s why maintaining good gum health is so vital.

As with all dental issues, it’s crucial that patients don’t avoid the early symptoms of gum disease. Also known as periodontitis, gum diseases typically start with relatively small colonies of bacterial growth inside the mouth. When not correctly treated, these colonies create havoc inside the mouth, destroy underlying tissues, loosening sets of teeth, and ultimately causing permanent teeth loss. A qualified dentist, Parramatta, should be able to recognize the early symptoms of periodontitis and propose efficient treatment options. 

Understanding Periodontitis – The Different Ways You Can Suffer from Gum Disease

Periodontitis is almost always caused by poor oral hygiene habits. Habits like smoking, not brushing your teeth frequently, overconsumption of sugary food items, etc., often cause people to suffer from gum diseases. However, many people with terminal illnesses such as cancer, HIV, diabetes, or genetic diseases can also be victims of periodontitis. Some heavy medications are also linked with early-stage periodontitis. Women going through pregnancy or menopause also face a higher risk of getting gum diseases. 

According to every dentist, Parramatta, vulnerable health, in general, leads to vulnerable oral health. A weak, unclean, and poorly maintained mouth is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria – 

  • The bacteria build up in the plaques, causing the surrounding gums to become swollen and over-sensitive. 
  • The over-sensitive gum starts bleeding during brushing (for no strong reason). This is the earliest symptom of periodontitis. 
  • The inner layers of the gums retract, exposing small gaps around the teeth’s roots where debris can fill up and infect the region. 
  • The immune system responds to infections by sending harsh antibody agents. These agents cause degradation in the bones and tissues that hold the teeth together in position. 
  • Over time, the teeth loosen and fall off. 

Although this process seems long and arduous, qualified dentist Parramatta says that periodontitis can evolve into permanent teeth loss in less than two months. So, patients must lookout for gum disease symptoms like:

  • Teeth that were perfectly fine becoming loose. 
  • Spacious gaps between the teeth. 
  • Constantly bad breath and taste in the mouth. 
  • Tender and over-sensitive gums
  • Gums are bleeding while brushing. 

Patients experiencing these symptoms must seek the advice of a dentist, Parramatta. 

Getting Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease treatment is very simple. The dentist, Parramatta, will focus on preventing the bacterial infestation from spreading and reducing the size of the gums and the gaps in-between teeth. To do so, dentists carry out processes like – 

  • Gum cleaning.
  • Scaling.
  • Root planning to eradicate all plaque and tartar from the infected teeth’s surrounding gum lines. 
  • Flap surgeries.
  • Bone and soft tissue grafts.
  • Antibiotic medicines to clean all the bacteria.  
  • Guided tissue and bone regeneration.

Complex surgical procedures are rarely required. They’re recommended by a dentist Parramatta only when the loose teeth are at risk of permanently falling out. Standard procedures like gum cleaning, scaling, and root planing are more than efficient to remove all signs of bacterial infestations and provide clean surfaces for the gums to reattach to.

Patients can easily avoid these complications by following a healthy oral hygiene routine that consists of brushing with antimicrobial toothpaste at least twice a day!