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Why Do I Need An Emergency Dentist?

by | Dec 17, 2020 | Dental, Travel

A dental emergency might occur at any point in time. You never know when you might suffer an injury and need a dentist at your rescue. Nobody wants to be in a situation where he or she needs an emergency dentist. However, there may still be some instances, like an accident or injury, where you feel the need for emergency dental services. That is when you look for Seven Hills dental emergency service providers who can treat you well. While you can handle some dental emergencies on your own, there may arise some situations where you need an emergency dentist to lower your pain. So, you must always plan for a dental emergency to ensure you have the right person by your side. 

  • Broken tooth:

You might experience a broken tooth at any time, especially if you are a sportsperson. Most people break their teeth while they are practising for their sports or during an accident. In such a case, you need a Seven Hills dental emergency provider who will save you & your teeth in such a situation. You can put your tooth and its broken fragments in a glass of milk till a dentist is there to help you. When you reach a dental office, your dentist will take care of everything.

  • To control bleeding:

While you are undergoing dental treatment, you may witness oral bleeding at any time. The cause for the bleeding may vary but you definitely need a dentist to handle the situation. An emergency dentist can figure out the cause of the bleeding and give you apt treatment. However, you must apply firm pressure in the area of bleeding gently till the time you get to a dental office or your dentist reaches out to you. This will keep the bleeding under control and save you from dire consequences. 

  • Serious wounds:

You might need to visit a Seven Hills dental office if you bit your tongue or split open your lip. If you have deep wounds or jagged/gaping wounds, you need to reach out to your dentist at the earliest. However, you may apply gentle pressure in the area of injury so that you experience relief to some extent. Also, if you can see bleeding that does not stop after 10 minutes, you must call your dentist immediately to prevent serious complications till you reach the dental office. 

  • Unbearable pain:

A toothache may arise at any time, and sometimes, the pain might be unbearable. You will have constant shooting pain at a moment, and a dull pain at other times. Whatever be the kind of pain, a visit to the dentist can be a good choice to treat your condition. Your dentist will evaluate you and find out the underlying cause for the pain to treat you accordingly. 


These are some of the reasons why you need an emergency dentist by your side. Apart from this, you may also need your dentist if your dental crown falls off in the event of chewing something hard.