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Why Diphenyl Oxide Is Used In Soap Perfumes?

by | Dec 7, 2020 | Health

Diphenyl Oxide also known as Diphenyl Ether is a colourless liquid having a floral-like odour. The configuration of this chemical compound is two phenyls substituted with oxygen. It is a crystalline solid product at the temperature below 27 degree Celsius. Diphenyl Oxide has low volatility as well as low solubility. It is stable and consistent in even the highest temperature and is the evident part of aromatic homomonocylic chemical compounds. Diphenyl Oxide has a distinct characteristic unlike other homomonocylic compounds, its features and strong odour enables it to be a part of several commercial products. Diphenyl Oxide has a strong and pleasing odour, which makes it suitable for several soaps and perfumes.  

Apart from odour, Diphenyl Oxide is also used as heat transfer media for the following purposes:

  1. Insecticides
  2. Wood preservatives
  3. flame retardants
  4. Greasing products
  5. Electronic products
  6. Solvents
  7. Dye labeling and much more.

Source of Diphenyl Ether

Diphenyl Ether or Diphenyl Oxide is found in several materials including green tea, Muscat, vanilla, lemon balm, potato chips, buckwheat and much more. Diphenyl Oxide is also majorly used as a heat retardant in the manufacturing of paints as well as plastics. Due to its versatility and several alluring features, Diphenyl Oxide is also used in soaps and perfumes. Diphenyl Oxide adds more stability to the product as well as provides a scented geranium. Diphenyl Oxide is one of the most reliable and cost-effective chemicals that enables low-cost production of fragrant soaps and perfumes.

Why is Diphenyl Oxide Suitable for Soaps and Perfume?

The following features of Diphenyl Oxide make it an apt chemical for fragrance materials:

  1. Low Reactivity: Diphenyl Oxide is a mild chemical and does not react with other major compounds during the manufacturing process. This makes Diphenyl Oxide a reliable source for the desired scent/odour.  
  2. Low Polarity: Since the manufacturing of soaps and perfumes involves the use of several oils and other soluble, Diphenyl oxide is highly preferable when there is a requirement for a hydrophobic compound. The low polarity of Diphenyl Oxide makes it easy and convenient to use and have a good effect on the intermolecular forces in the mixture.
  3. High Solvency: Diphenyl Oxide though present in the crystalline form can easily be dissolved in any liquid substance. This makes it very easy and user friendly to combine Diphenyl oxide with any required ingredients for the manufacturing of soaps or perfumes.
  4. Pleasant Odour: One of the striking and most important features of Diphenyl Oxide, which makes it viable, and an ideal choice for soaps and perfumes is its aromatic grade ether. The aroma of Diphenyl Oxide is alluring and adds a distinct characteristic to a product. In addition, the lower prices of Diphenyl Oxide makes it an ideal choice for soap and personal care product manufacturers. 

Apart from the above-mentioned points the Thermal Stability, High boiling point, and High purity are some of the most important features of Diphenyl Oxide and one of the most important reasons for the escalating use of this homomonocylic chemical compound in soaps and perfumes.