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by | Apr 29, 2021 | Business, Digital Marketing

Lots of businesses underestimate the power of a business page on Facebook. They feel that it’s just another SMM Trick that is essential for their business social media presence, but it will not help the business in any manner.


Before we divulge more on the reasons to have a Facebook page business, let’s talk about what a Facebook page business is.

What’s A Facebook Page Business?

A Facebook business page gives your business the fantastic opportunity to increase brand awareness and generate considerate sales via Facebook. Facebook is the virtual hub of communications & interactions for a vast online community. Having a Facebook Page for your business lets you catch the attention of this large online community on Facebook. 

Creating & setting up your Facebook Page Business is a quick and convenient process. All you have to do is log into your personal account and click on “Create A Page” via the drop-down menu and then follow the simple steps to build your business profile! Voila! You have your Business page on Facebook!


Almost every business in Bangalore today searches for a social media marketing company in Bangalore for helping them chart out and maximize their social media presence.

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If you are still in doubt despite reading the reasons mentioned above to have a Facebook Page Business, let’s look at some reasons to have a Facebook page for your business!


  • Build A Community

Facebook business pages are one of the best ways of connecting and gathering potential customers and prospects, thereby building a robust online community for your business. Your loyal customers can freely share opinions, concerns, add reviews, offer feedback and much more via our Facebook Page Business.

You can build a solid online community via your Facebook business page by:

  • Helpful post, engaging and relevant links and content
  • Interact with fans and ask them to share their opinions via comments
  • Organize and hold contests, promotions and more
  • Offer Incentives for activities on your page


  • Effective For Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

A significant reason to have a Facebook page business.

All businesses must have a balanced mix of SEO, social media and digital strategies for developing a robust digital presence. Facebook proves to be an effective way of directing traffic directly to your business website. All your posts, links, and other actions that you take on your Public Facebook Page can also boost your SEO boost if and when they are indexed by search engines.

Social Media reaches new heights every day and having a Facebook Page Business that is filled with rich content can quickly help boost your SEO rankings.


  • Reach Tons Of Potential Customers

Facebook has 2.6 billion users worldwide! That’s the number of people you can reach by having a business page on Facebook! 

A Facebook business page proves to be the best way of maximizing brand visibility, solidifying your brand and, of course, reaching out to a massive number of online users. It is the best way of reaching the community. Once you create a Facebook page, you will never be out of customers. This is a strong reason to have a Facebook page for your business.


  • Create A Massive Email List

Remember, people only liking your Facebook page should not be your goal. You need to connect with your followers outside your Facebook page too. Therefore, intelligent businesses must collect emails from their Facebook page followers for increasing their contact with their Facebook community even outside Facebook. You can do this via contests, giveaways, newsletter and more.

Once you generate a massive email list, you can conveniently send all new products, services, sales & discount notifications to your clientele via emails.


  • Increase Your Website Traffic

You can quickly increase your website traffic via your Facebook page. And how do you do that? Simple via using link posts.

You cannot merely keep on posting content and images on your Facebook page. That is not going to hold any value. What you need to do is be intelligent and strategic. You must use link posts for diverting all your Facebook traffic to your website. Try and link your website to every Facebook post, and you will see the difference!

In no time, your website traffic will reach the stars!


  • Understand Your Customers

A primary goal of every business is to understand its audience. And, after all, your ideal audience is the one who actually grows your business. So you need to understand them. Facebook insights are a great way of understanding your audience. You can easily understand your audience behaviour by analysing through the Page Overview.

It shows you:

  • The number of page views
  • The Number of Page likes
  • Post Reach
  • Post likes
  • And more.

By having a clear picture of your audience, you can cater to their needs better.