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Why Choose to Have IVF Treatment in Thailand?

by | Dec 2, 2020 | Health

People who are facing difficulty in conceiving might have issues with fertility. However, thanks to the development of technology and medical advancements, there are various methods to improve fertility and have a child. The most sought after method for an infertile couple to conceive is in vitro fertilization. IVF has its roots back in 1978 and now it has grown to be the best option for getting pregnant. The expensive nature and lack of guarantee for success make it a tough decision. However, many travel miles and come to Thailand for the procedure. In this article let us see why IVF in Bangkok is popular all over the world.

IVF Thailand success ratesA Great Option for Various Reasons

Thailand has become a favorite option for many not just because the cost of treatment is low. The ambiance is great, readily available, well-established medical care, and the warmth is some of the reasons which make Thailand the perfect destination for IVF.

Stress-Free IVF Vacation

 Stress is something that reduces the chances of getting pregnant and it is also a factor that diminishes the chance of success in IVF. Just imagine how peaceful it is to try IVF on a calming beach vacation while worrying about the cost is not on the pages. That is a surefire sign for increased chances of success.

Well Established Clinics for Treatment

Apart from the low cost of procedure another factor that attracts people to this beautiful city is the world-class clinics. The care that the clinics provide will mesmerize and overwhelm you. The fertility centers have state-of-the-art equipment with standards equal to any other clinic in the world. The clinic is in accordance with world quality standards. The staff and doctors have years of experience in handling various situations. The entire environment of the hospital will be warm and welcoming ensuring that you are comfortable and well-informed throughout the procedure.

The Cost of IVF in Thailand

The definite cost of the procedure can’t be determined accurately as it depends on various factors. However, the average cost of the procedure will range between $7,000 and $12,000. This will differ based on the condition of the patient and the level of care provided. The cost of the procedure will cover all the aspects of standard care. Additional care will be given based on the condition of the couple and according to it, the cost may vary. IVF cost in Thailand is significantly lower than in other countries.

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

An IVF cycle takes about 6 to 8 weeks and you should stay in Thailand till the end of the cycle. The procedure starts with taking birth control pills followed by the process of Controlled Ovarian Hyperstimulation where the ovary is stimulated to produce more mature eggs. This period is followed by fertilization, the formation of an embryo, and embryo transfer. You will have to make frequent trips to the clinic throughout the procedure. The staff and the doctor at the clinic will guide you seamlessly throughout the procedure.

How to Choose Your Clinic in Thailand?

You want to be confident to find the best clinic for the procedure. A proven way to choose the clinic is through recommendations. Along with thorough research and due diligence you can find the best clinic for you. Make sure that the clinic that you are about to choose is according to the following standards.

  • Positive patient feedback
  • Highly credible
  • High credentials and expertise of doctors
  • Honest and reliable
  • Effective mode of communication

Bottom Line

Thailand is a dream destination for couples with infertility issues. The warm care, professional service, stress environment are great to improve the IVF Thailand success rates. Embark on the journey of parenthood with world-class IVF treatment from Thailand.