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Why can’t you lose weight or get enough sleep? The situation is explained by a nutritionist

by | May 27, 2022 | Health, Wellness & Beauty

Reasons by nutritionist Why can't you lose weight or get enough sleepThere are times when you are suffering from excessive mood swings. You are feeling angry at some point, and then you are crying your heart out the next time. But, everything isn’t just hormonal to deal with. There’s something more than a reputed nutritional therapist can help you to reveal. According to a reliable nutritionist, hormones are noted as vital chemical messengers that will signal information between organs and cells. 

They are highly needed for the body to function properly. So, it is vital for these hormones to be in the right conditions. But, mood swings are some initial signs of hormonal imbalances. Maybe you are following a healthy diet plan and getting enough sleep. But, even after that, if you feel off, then that’s a sign to see a doctor.

Here are some reasons why you can’t lose weight or get enough sleep

  • The Right time to get tested:

 If you are not happy with hormone health, be sure to speak to your general physician right now. He might ask you to go for a blood test or can even ask you to take a test for a thyroid gland, which makes and even stores hormones. Depending on the result, the GP will devise the perfect diagnosis and treatment plan.

There are certain home kits available online to offer results, but the tests from the best pathology lab like the Simira Healthcare Pvt Ltd will always be top-class and accurate. So, visiting pathological labs for the tests is the best way to get accurate results on time.

  • Now for the weight gain:

In case you have a lower belly weight that will not even shift a bit even with regular exercises and a balanced diet, then you are suffering from hormonal imbalance. An underactive thyroid will result in slowing down most of the bodily functions like digestion and metabolism. You can see the common side-effect of such weight gain focusing on the stomach region.

    • Furthermore, too much stress hormone can place your body in survival mode.
    • It can trigger your body to start storing more fat, thus resulting in weight gain.
  • For the sex hormones:

Maybe you are feeling ravenous all the time! It means that your sex hormones are not quite in sync. Lower estrogen can make you feel hungry constantly as this hormone has a direct impact on leptin.

  • Leptin is released mostly by the fat cells and will regulate the calories you burn and how much you eat.
  • So, the more you produce such hormone, the excess amount of fat you end up storing.

So, getting the leptin tested from the best thyroid test lab near me, like Simira Healthcare Pvt Ltd, is always a good call to address!

  • Always feeling quite down:

Mood swings are designed to disrupt your life for good. In case your mood is low and you don’t know the reason behind it, then you might be short on serotonin or the happy hormone. Getting a proper test done is the sure way to find the reason. So, get that test done and start working on the solutions ASAP.

  • Now for the hair fall:

When your thyroid is working sub-optimally, it will reduce the rate at which your hair re-grows. Similarly, the existing and new hair strands will be brittle, dry, and weak. So, a proper thyroid and hormonal test can actually help you to find how well your thyroid is working and what medications you need to take!

  • A Proper check on hormones:

Gaining too much weight or even suffering from insomnia are some of the results of thyroid and hormonal imbalances. Get your body checkup done from Simira Healthcare Pvt Ltd for accurate results so that doctors can start preparing the medication plan accordingly.