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Why Are Water Features And Retaining Walls Necessary

by | Jun 11, 2020 | Business, Paving Stones

Concrete retaining walls in Sydney have become the ideal solution when the homeowner wants a complete protective layer surrounding their property. Retaining walls are structures built around a property to prevent collapsing, slipping or erosion of soil.

They act as strong support to the terrain where the soil’s angle of repose is exceeded and if a retaining wall is not built there, then it would collapse. The primary reason why people build retaining walls in Sydney is the capability of these walls to withstand the pressure created by the retained material, which is soil.

There are multiple reasons for building retaining walls. The three most important reasons are listed below.

Preventing Soil Erosion: 

When people want to prevent erosion of soil they opt for building a retaining wall in Sydney. It acts as a very strong barrier that will prevent the soil from being washed away through erosion. The material used for making these walls is mostly concrete pavers, which are known for being strong and tough. This makes the walls strong enough to withstand rainwater or water from irrigation activities that would wash away soil from your property.


It is really a challenging task to bring uniformity or to keep together a sloped garden or land. But with retaining walls, this is possible. You need to have these walls because the downward slope can create a lateral pressure due to which movement of soil may occur. So, a retaining wall will accommodate this pressure and keep the soil intact, allowing you to landscape your sloped garden and the soil won’t be sliding downwards.

Add Visual appeal and functionality: 

Retaining walls in Sydney has got the attention of many homeowners who want to create a visually appealing landscape design because these walls allow you to hold back the earth. Whether you want to create an artificial hill that would surround your garden or add functionality to your outdoor space, a retaining wall will do that for you without any hassle.

People consider garden water features in Sydney as an excellent integration of style and appearance to their gardens. Water feature acts as a focal point in any garden be it large or small. Many professionals can help you have a perfect garden water feature in Sydney that will suit your preferences. Below listed are various types of water features you can use for your garden.


This is the most common type of garden water feature used in Sydney. Because nothing compares to the relaxed feeling you get while sitting beside the small pond and whistling to the sound of flowing water.

Pond-less Waterfall

This is a safe option if you have small kids and pets at home. All it takes is pebbles and rock to form a pond-less waterfall. A pump is installed for the water to go up and gradually trickle down the rocks and it is then pumped right back to the top, forming an artificial waterfall.


When you want to add beauty and attraction to your garden, this is an ideal type of garden water feature in Sydney for you. Rills look similar to streams, the only difference is that they are decorated and made to look eye-catching and channel water in a straight line.

After reading this article you are all set to decorate your garden and save it too from soil erosion.