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Why are Semi Framed Shower Screens Ideal?

by | Nov 1, 2020 | Home Improvement

A semi-framed shower screen is one that does not have frames around the door but has slight frames around the outer edges. Hence, the shower screen’s front part is clean and clear without frames to obstruct the view.

Some of the basic benefits of these shower screens have been explained below :

Affordability :

The semi-framed shower screen is a good choice if you are operating on a tight budget. This is because they are quite affordable and offer value for your money. These shower screens are classic, elegant, and simple to use and come at quite reasonable costs. This is unlike other types of shower screens that are quite expensive, and their functionality does not necessarily offer value for your money.

Easy to Clean and Maintain :

Asemi-framed shower screen does not require regular or complicated cleaning and maintenance. Since there is a frame surrounding the screen’s edges, it is difficult for grime and soap scum to get stuck. Therefore, cleaning the screen is quite easy and only requires minimal scrubbing. This will ensure that the screen stays clean and fresh constantly. Moreover, the ease of cleaning and maintenance makes these shower screens convenient for busy family bathrooms.

Wide Variety of Style and Design :

Semi framed shower screens come in a wide range of style and design. Besides, they come in a wide range of colour and texture that will complement different types of bathrooms. For instance, if you want a simple design, then your shower screen can be just plain.

However, if you want a sophisticated design, the shower screen can be coloured, frosted, etc., according to your specific preferences. This wide variety of style and design makes these shower screens appropriate for enhancing the bathroom’s artistic qualities.

High-Quality Materials :

The glass that is used to make semi-framed shower screens is of premium quality. Moreover, it is toughened to ensure that it does not easily get damaged. This makes the shower screens quite durable, thus a worthy long-term investment for your bathroom. Moreover, since the shower screen is made with high-quality materials, it will not harm the occupants. This is because it will not easily break, thus functioning effectively for a long time.

Invisibility :

Semi framed shower screens stand out because they are specially made to appear virtually invisible from the outside. This enhances privacy in the shower making the bathroom a comfortable place for the occupants. However, it is important to ensure that the screen is made according to the relevant safety precautions according to the bathroom’s layout. This measure will prevent any unforeseen accidents, thus making the bathroom a hazard-free area for the occupants.

Versatility :

The versatility of semi-framed shower screens is quite enhanced. This is because they are specially made for different types of bathrooms. Hence, they can easily fit into various bathroom spaces without a lot of struggle. Due to their streamlined and minimalistic style, they are also suitable for small bathrooms. Therefore, these shower screens are easily accessible, simple, convenient, and quite attractive to your home bathroom.

Conclusion :

These various benefits make semi-framed shower screens quite exceptional and convenient. Therefore, if you plan to install shower screens, look no further because the semi-framed ones will be perfect for your home.