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Why And When To Choose Orthodontist In Parramatta Over General Dentist

by | Jul 12, 2021 | Dental

There are multiple dentists out there who offer orthodontic services to their patients. But, they fail to offer the same expertise as that of a well-trained orthodontist in Parramatta. While the main purpose of the dentist is to focus on the entire oral health, the orthodontist will focus mainly on correcting the bites and aligning the teeth. 

There are some reasons why some patients prefer working with the orthodontist rather than visiting a general dentist offering orthodontic treatment. While general dentists are able to present cosmetic dentistry services like veneers and crowns, you will need a specialist for when the teeth must be removed. So, let’s get down to the details of the business first.

Things that orthodontists can fix:

Now, after the initial research period, you have made up your mind to come and visit an orthodontist in Parramatta for your treatment. Well, it is a good sign to start off with, but it is mandatory for you to know more about the services that orthodontists can fix. Once you are sure of that, you will know what to expect from the specialist around here.

The experts are able to fix misaligned teeth, crowded teeth and also when you are suffering from spaces in between teeth. You can give them a call or book an appointment when you are dealing with underbite, overbite and crossbites. If you are going through some jaw and tooth pain due to improper bite, then the orthodontist is the one you should give a call to rather than a general dentist.

The specialisation that you cannot deny:

When compared to general dentists, the orthodontists have to go through an extra 2 years of study in orthodontics before they get the chance and license to treat their patients. These extra two years of study will make the orthodontist qualified to just move teeth into that optimal alignment.

  • Dental school programs are not going to offer training for ways to straighten teeth, which will make general dentists completely unqualified for orthodontic treatments.
  • A licensed orthodontist, on the other hand, will make sure that the teeth get properly removed so that you can enjoy that healthy and straight smile as you have always dreamt of.

Get the chance to save time and money:

A general dentist will not have the same training, much like an orthodontist. It means they can easily make some of the costly mistakes. Teeth that have been moved in an improper manner can also introduce some issues that you did not have before going for the treatment, like jaw pain or overbite. It is not uncommon for the orthodontist in Parramatta to fix mistakes made by some general dentists who thought that they could straighten teeth. But, unfortunately enough, that means spending more money and time to repair damages done by them.

So, to be on the safer side, it is better to give the orthodontist a call when you need to fix any of the issues mentioned before. It helps you to save a lot of time.