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Where Do You Need Slip Resistant Tiles in Your Home?

by | Jun 20, 2019 | Home Improvement

There is no better, cost-effective and more beautiful replacement of porcelain tiles really. Once you choose the right type of flooring that suits the interior decor of your house and also complement it correctly, your property value will upgrade automatically. However, the most common issue with tile flooring that never really goes away until you do something about it is the surface being slippery.

Well, to some extent, it depends on the type of tile you are choosing. If it is slippery from the very beginning, you should consider getting the polyurethane coating done as soon as possible. On the other hand, if the tile has a history of premature decay depending on the use or regular wear and tear, you should be conscious from the very beginning. There is no doubt about the fact that in commercial sectors, you need to get the non-slip coating on all the floor surfaces. However, in your home, you can still make some exceptions. Get to know exactly where you need the Epoxy coating to create a safe environment for your family and friends.

  • Kitchen Area

No matter how far is the water supply line of your sink from that of the floor, you never know when water spills will be there, and you will fall on your face on the kitchen floor. There is a strong possibility of it, and you have to ignore it anyhow. For that, you either need to install slip-resistant tiles or get the polyurethane coating at the very beginning.

  • Toilet

In most of the cases, the interior designers put stress on designing the bathroom or toilet in a way so that minimum water spills remain there. However, once in a while if you want to take a splashy shower and slipped on the bathroom floor afterwards, who will be there to blame? Talk to the non-slip flooring experts as soon as possible to make sure that your toilet becomes a secure place.

  • Poolside Area

Evidently, the poolside area is going to turn into the most accident-prone area of your home, if you don’t get the anti-slip treatment done on time. Get the Epoxy coating done as soon as the tiles are being laid there. Make sure you don’t do any type of compromises with the quality of slip-resistant tiles to make sure you can keep on getting the benefit for a long time.

  • Terrace Garden

Well, this is optional of course as not everybody has a terrace garden. But, if you have a pathway within your backyard and you have installed some interesting tiling pattern in it too along with a fountain in the middle, you will need polyurethane coating. Make sure you don’t fall and hurt yourself while watering your plants or taking a stroll in your garden by opting for this treatment.


Make sure you choose the right company specialising in slip-resistant floor coating with years of experience and adequate knowledge to back their service quality. Create a safe environment for your family and also add a protective layer on the tiles to make sure you can enjoy living in a wonderful home, safe and sound.