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What Types Of Steel Fencing In Newcastle Are Local Businesses Buying?

by | Jul 9, 2021 | security system

Steel fencing in Newcastle is extremely popular, especially amongst local business owners. Here are the main types of steel fences these business owners are investing in. 

Which type of steel fencing in Newcastle should I install? That’s the question that several local business owners are asking themselves. In the current commercial climate, security is a key concern. Thankfully, there are many steel fencing types for businesses to choose from. Chain-link wire fencing or Colorbond full-steel fencing – which fencing will be ideal for your business? Let’s explore! 

How to Select from Different Types of Steel Fences?

When shopping for steel fencing in Newcastle, commercial property owners are advised to consider these details – 

  • Location of the commercial property – local crime rates, demographics, etc., determine how much security you need.
  • Weather conditions – Will your steel fencing need protection from corrosion? Will it face a lot of wind and rain? 
  • The nature of the business – Some businesses like data storage centres require 24×7 security, whereas shopping malls need to be easily accessible during the daytime. For securing cattle, installing electric-powered steel fences is the best solution.
  • Aesthetic requirements – Does the look of your fences matter? If it is only for security purposes, the stronger the fence, the better. But, if property owners need aesthetic qualities, they may have to opt for steel fences featuring panels made of different materials. 
  • The cost of fencing – Price points will vary a lot based on the style of the fence and the materials used.

These are the specific needs that business owners need to determine before deciding what kind of steel fencing arrangement will suit their commercial sites the best. The best way to come to this conclusion is to seek assistance from fencing contractors.

What Fences are the Most Popular Amongst Local Business Owners? 

When it comes to the most popular types of steel fencing in Newcastle that local businesses use, there are two prime candidates –   

Vertical Steel Bar Fencing

The name is self-explanatory. These fences consist of vertical pales. These pales are attached to horizontal bars. These attachments create well-defined and well-concealed panels. Business owners can essentially create tamper-proof fences with these panels. The main advantages of vertical steel bar fences include – 

  • They are aesthetically appealing and not intimidating to look at. 
  • Strong and durable. 
  • Lightweight, thanks to their tubular construction styles. 
  • Customisable
  • Hard to climb because of the tight spaces between the pales
  • It can be coated with polyester powder or galvanised. 

The non-intimidating nature of vertical steel bar fences makes them ideal for public spaces, schools, industrial estates, and businesses that attract a lot of foot traffic. 

Weldmesh Fencing

Steel wire strands are joined to create mesh panels. Installers attach these panels to posts with connectors, creating a high-quality layer of security. The main advantages of weldmesh fencing are – 

  • Durability.
  • Cost-effective
  • Resistance to corrosion. 
  • It can be coated and made more long-lasting.
  • CCTV camera-friendly; can be installed discreetly without impacting other security features of the property.

Mesh fencing is extremely popular in commercial properties because of these reasons. 

How Tall Does Your Steel Fence Need to Be? 

If you’re using your steel fence to protect your business from intruders, it should go very high. On the other hand, farm fences or shopping mall fences are typically smaller. Property owners must assess the height standards implemented by their local councils before making these decisions.