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What Makes Solar Street Lights So Popular?

by | Oct 1, 2019 | Business, Solar Energy

These days, solar-powered street lights are used in every part of the globe. Features like conservation of valuable natural resources, elimination of the requirement of generating additional power, and long-term power saving are some of the features, which are making people adopt the lighting system. Especially in tropical countries, installing street lighting makes practical sense to get abundant solar energy all around the year.

Advantages that the solar street lights offer:

  • One of the best things about the solar street light is that it is free of the utility grid leading to reduced operating costs. Here the lights entirely depend on the heat energy offered by the Sun and store as much solar energy as possible throughout the day.
  • Solar-powered lights don’t get overheated. And therefore, these need less maintenance compared to the conventional street lights.
  • As the panels of the solar lights are completely dependent on the Sun, therefore these lights are environment-friendly. And these also eliminate the contribution of carbon footprints.
  • Solar lights don’t come with external wires and this minimizes the risk of accidents when compared to conventional electric lights.
  • Installing solar power-driven street lights are also beneficial in terms of saving money. Once installed, these can run for years with no or low maintenance. 

Features of solar street lights:

  1. Lower cost of operation: Operating a solar-powered street light is less expensive compared to operating conventional street lights.
  2. Compact design: The design and the implementation of technology of the solar street light eliminate the requirement of external solar panels and bulky battery boxes.
  3. Reduced scope of theft or damage: As these lights are directly located on the fixture and the battery is placed within the fixture, therefore the risk of theft, damage, or tampering reduces a lot. Besides, these lights are not connected through wires. So, there is no risk of accidents caused by electrical wires.
  4. Anywhere and anytime installation: Solar-powered street lights can be used in almost every location. As no electrical grid is required here, therefore these can easily be installed in the parking lots, building premises, or even in remote locations.
  5. Faster installation: As there is no need to trench power lines to the poles of the solar lights, no need to wire up the pole, or no need to connect the wires to the electrical grid, therefore installing these lights is a comparatively faster process.
  6. No swarming of insects: Solar-powered street lights mainly use LED tubes or bulbs. These don’t produce infrared lights and therefore these don’t attract insects.
  7. Ruggedized technology: As the solar street lights incorporate the best quality components, therefore they need less maintenance and less replacement of parts.
  8. Enhanced safety: Apart from being easier and safer to install, solar-powered lights don’t need a connection to the electrical grid. Therefore, the lights remain on even in case of a power outage. This thing deters the scope of vandalism/theft while decreasing the scope of accidents.