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What Makes Die Cut Adhesive Tapes Unique

by | Aug 6, 2019 | Business

The die-cut adhesive tapes consist of a substrate of polyimide and an adhesive system. The inherent nature of these tapes’ high-temperature resistance imparts to the correct material for high-temperature applications. They can retain their mechanical and electrical properties even during the wide fluctuation of temperatures. They also possess excellent dielectric strength.

The tenacious tape does not burn or melt, which means it has a high flammability rating of UL-94, which is the highest possible certification. It is a plastics flammability standard for safety which allows the material in critical use in high-temperature areas. The use of die-cut adhesive tape in low-temperature areas where other organic materials would fail to function makes it a unique element.

Adhesives tapes bond the tape with itself as well as other materials such as plastics, metals, paper, and different types of tapes.

Uses of die-cut adhesive tapes

  1. Electrical and electronic insulation
  2. Formed coil insulation
  3. Substrates for PCB (printed circuit boards)
  4. Padding for Transformers and capacitors
  5. PSA – Pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes
  6. Motor Slot liners
  7. Insulation for magnet wires

The uniqueness of tenacious tape is its ability to maintain physical, chemical, electrical, and thermal properties over wide temperature ranges and thus is useful as a versatile industrial material.

Other features of the die-cut adhesive tape include the potential to laminate and metalize with other materials. It can be punched, die-cut to shape; adhesive coated either single side or double-sided. The tape thickness ranges from 1 mil to 5 mils.

The tape does not stretch and has high breaking strength giving it the property of excellent dimensional stability. It is coated with fluoropolymer resin (Teflon) adds heat sealability which imparts a moisture barrier. In other words, waterproofing and chemical resistance are essential metric.

Some properties of tenacious tape;

  • Antistatic property
  • Insulating cryogenic materials
  • Corona-resistant (high voltage materials)
  • Conformable – able to adhere to any surface
  • The tape can be pigmented with colour

This property is widely used as a jacket coating of coaxial cables and other electronic cables. Optical fibers coated with adhesive and composite plastics with woven carbon find extensive use in printed circuit board industries.

The die-cut adhesive tape has the below properties;

  • It can maintain physical, electrical, and mechanical properties and can withstand temperature fluctuations over a wide range.
  • The tape does not dissolve in any organic solvent giving it excellent chemical resistance.

The die-cut adhesive tape is used as transformer insulation and coil insulation as well as capacitor industries. As a masking agent during powder coating applications and for gold leaf masking during wave soldering operations film’s versatility is unchallenged. The superb electrical and thermal properties allow the insulation of airplane wings as well as diaphragms and sensors for automobiles.

The formulations of die-cut adhesive tape contain solvents that are suited as a coating for large surface areas. They have sufficient adhesion to the substrate. Because they are flame-resistant, they have an environmental advantage.