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What Kind Of Toilet System Is Best Suited For Your Caravan? Know Your Options!

by | Feb 10, 2020 | Travel, Truck/Trailer

Here is How To Choose The Best Suited Toilet System For Your Caravan:

Even though it is not very difficult to find a caravan park with at the very least basic toilets, it obviously gives you much more freedom (and peace of mind) to have a reliable toilet inside the long term caravan hire. New people in the caravaning scene sometimes forget what sort of toilet they want to choose.

And this is understandable, because there is a wide range of products on the market, and this is confusing. But all this must not be so confusing. Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of some rising brand new caravans for sale toilets.

Portable toilets: 

This is by far the most used caravan toilet outside, informally known as the ‘porta-potty’. It is designed simply in two parts, one part of which is the seat and flush tank and the other part is the waste tank underneath. Both of these elements are separable so as to detach and vacuum the holder tank from time to time.

The flushing system is the known piston type and uses brand new caravans for sale tank water. It’s not important to plumb the scheme.

If you want the basic, cheap, low-care solution, choose a portable toilet. The cartridge needs neither energy nor plumbing and is reasonably small to suit any type of long term caravan hire or truck. If not in use, it can be locked in a cupboard conveniently.

For everyday maintenance, only 2 types of chemicals are needed, one for the purpose of lubrication and hygiene in a flush tank and one for liquefying waste and preventing odours from fading in the holder. The only drawback is a typically small bench, which may be cramped for some brand new caravans for sale owners.

brand new caravans for sale with toilet

Cassette Toilets for caravan: 

The bathroom of the cassette transfers the waste holding tank out of your long term caravan hire from the portable toilet in terms of technology. Although this caravan bathroom mostly has the same configuration–a 2-department system–and so have the chemicals that you need to use, the calculation is very handy.

For example, it is much simpler to clean the caravan cassette toilet. And these toilets often come with a number of additional advantages, depending on the size. These include electric system and pivoting seats which in smaller brand new caravans for sale are very useful.

If comfort is your main focus, pick a cassette caravan toilet. Since the toilet is available from outside, the waste is kept completely separate from the indoor structure and easy to clean. However, this product is far more costly than the portable caravan toilet, particularly with the additional benefits we have just mentioned.

Also, toilets depend on the design of your brand-new caravans for sale; adding to an existing caravan could be a little challenging in terms of space (inner and outer), plumbing.

Composite caravan toilets: 

This makes the solid waste compost as the greenest caravan bathroom out there, as the name suggests. The toilet can then be used as a fertilizer. A toilet for composting uses minimum water and is therefore ideal for on the road. What it requires more is the ventilation in brand new caravans for sale so that the composting cycle can be done.