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What Is The Cost Of Bad Electrical Work?

by | Jan 20, 2021 | Electricians

This is the biggest cost that you have to pay when the electrical work is done on your property is not of the highest order. Finances are the first factor that must come to your mind when you think of the results of poor electrical work done on your property. Therefore, put some effort into hiring the finest electrician in North Shore Sydney. For so many people in Australia, money is not a resource that should be spent with little thought. If your electrical work is not done properly, it would hurt you for sure.

If you try to do such work yourself, you could waste money by buying the wrong electrical parts.

You have wasted time

Time is money, and there is no denying this dictum. Are you trying to do your electrical work on your own? Have you ever done it before? If the answers to these questions are yes, you would spend a lot of time on websites like YouTube looking up instructional videos on how to do such work. Therefore, it makes so much sense to hire an electrician in North Shore Sydney. You would also have to visit various stores looking for parts to use in your work.

You have made the problem worse

It is immensely important to have experience for doing such work. Do you know what you are doing? If not, it would be better to take a backseat and call up a licensed & experienced professional to do the work. You might think that you would not need the services of an electrician in North Shore Sydney and try to do the work on your own or get help from someone who is not licensed to do such work. That could end up making matters a lot worse.

You would face legal issues

You must know that in Australia it is illegal to do electrical work by yourself. The penalties you have to pay for such illegal work depend on the state where you are living. The fines can go up to 40,000 dollars for individuals. If people die on your property or are injured while doing such work, the authorities may sentence you to 3 years in jail and pay a maximum fine of 200,000 dollars. So, it makes sense to hire an electrician in North Shore, Sydney. In Australia, the following works are legally regarded as electrical work and can be handled only by a certified electrician:

  • rewiring houses
  • repairing electrical appliances
  • such as replacing light switches
  • replacing plugs on leads
  • installing ceiling fans
  • installing air conditioners

You would face insurance issues

If you do your electrical work yourself or hire an unlicensed professional to do the work, it can affect your home insurance coverage significantly. If the fire in your home happens because of poor electrical work, your insurer would not cover you for any loss you sustain in that case. This is where you must understand the importance of a professional electrician in North Shore Sydney. This implies that you might lose your home if you try to save money on paying a licensed electrician to do the work. At the very least, such improper electrical work would bring down the value of your home in the property market.

Your home could catch a fire

Electrical fires start easily, and they are dangerous as well. It does not take much more than poor wires or an electrical outlet that has not been installed properly. You can stop all this by hiring an electrician in North Shore Sydney. Almost 20% of fires in Australia are electrical fires. Once they begin, they spread fast and it is extremely difficult to put them out. The thing with the professionals is that they can read the danger signs that can lead to such calamities.

You may suffer electrical shocks

If you try doing your electrical work yourself, you could end up being electrocuted. All you have to do here is touch the wrong wires with each other or forget to switch off a circuit breaker. The aftermath of this could be death or a grievous injury at least. This is where a professional electrician in North Shore Sydney can help you so much.