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What Everybody Ought To Know About Disabled Bathroom Sign?

by | Jun 13, 2020 | Signage

Bathing is a very private and personal act. From early childhood on, bathing without supervision is a sign of independence and the responsibility-the first time your parents have allowed you to take a bath on your own, you can be sure that they have trusted you to take care of your own body. Why would maturity or old age be different? You and your loved ones deserve to maintain their dignity and independence, despite having to cope with physical disabilities.

Signage is a critical component of any business that wants to make customers feel safe and comfortable. Proper signs provide guidance and help your establishment visitors locate the appropriate facilities quickly and easily. Nowhere is the proper signage more critical than bathrooms.

Whether you are responsible for maintaining a business, a place of worship, or a community centre, a disabled bathroom sign is a must that cannot be overlooked. When guests need to locate a toilet easily, the signs you have to make a difference when exploring your premises individually. There are many characteristics of a disabled bathroom sign intended to suit everyone’s needs.

Standard Signs:

Standard signs for distinguishing between male and female bathrooms are the first step in safety and convenience. Although you should stick to traditional blue signs with white symbols and markings for this purpose, signs also offer the details you need while sticking to your distinctive style and branding.


Since signs can create a unique indication for each user, you can rest assured that your sign will be tailored to your facility while maintaining the required compliance. Directional signs usually include both male and female symbols with an arrow that guides guests to the correct location. If the bathrooms are accessible to the disabled, you must also include this symbol on your sign.

Type of Sign and symbols:

The signs to be identified by each facility shall include the male or female symbol, as well as the handicap symbol, where applicable. You can also choose between a symbol and a text, depending on your guests’ tastes and needs. You can also select from family or unisex bathroom signs for multi-purpose facilities. Family signs have a sign of two adults and a child, while unisex signs typically include two adult sign. A handicap symbol should also be included in the toilet that is accessible to guests in wheelchairs. Like signs specific to men’s and women’s bathrooms, these signs come in various styles and colours and may include symbols on their own or both symbols and text, depending on your needs.

With improvements in bathroom accessibility in recent years, the right signage has become even more critical to ensure the guests’ health and comfort. Disabled bathroom signs will ensure that your facilities are correctly labelled to protect your guests and your business.

Although all your guests need to find your facilities quickly, it is even more critical for disabled visitors to know where your accessible toilets are located. Bathroom signs not only direct people to the facility but guide them on the easiest way to get there. Since not all of your bathrooms will likely provide the same functionality, the correct bathroom signs will give you peace of mind in your wheelchairs to know how to navigate your premises.