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What Are The Types Of Creative Office Spaces?

by | Sep 18, 2020 | Business, Real Estate

Office space plays an important role in inculcating ideas in the mind of the employees. Therefore, creating a perfect office space is as important as finding the right candidates to fill that office.

Today, the purpose of the office space isn’t just to provide a workplace for the employee but a place where they can collaborate with their co-workers, have a social life and relax. Tech giants or start-ups, everybody is looking for creative office space to rent in Sydney to encourage communication and collaboration within the team.

Office space comes in all shapes and sizes. A good office space enables productivity and optimizes workflow. If you are looking for office space, read on to learn about creative office spaces to rent available in Sydney.

Open floor plan office :

open space offices are a drastic transition from traditional cubicle offices. These types of offices are adored by start-ups for increased collaboration and building interpersonal relationships. Due to shared space and open floor plan, this type of office space reduces the construction cost of the office by a huge margin. If you want to build team spirit in your employees or you are low on funds for office space, there is always the option of renting a creative office space like an open floor plan office.

Co-working space :

Coworking space is a modern solution for the problems of space and budget. Every business wants to establish in the prime location of the city, but those office spaces come at a huge cost. As a solution, renting of coworking spaces and flexible spaces are trending in Sydney. More than a trend, it provides the workplace culture and networking to the employees of budding start-ups. Coworking space is one of the most creative office spaces to rent in Sydney in your budget. These kinds of spaces give your employees a sense of professionalism within a relaxed and casual environment. Between common lounges, private offices, and conference rooms there is a lot of space to sit down and get the work done.

Loft office space :

High ceiling, large windows, and bricked walls give an edgy look to the office. These industrial looking spaces have stood out among people working in creative industries. Exposed vents and water pipes have become a new trend for offices acting as a symbol of openness and transparency.

Activity-based office:

The idea behind an activity-based office is to provide the employees with the right space to be more productive and efficient at the task they’ve been provided. In an activity-based office, an employee can choose to be in a certain space to get a certain type of work done. Every space has its energy; an activity-based workplace offers a variety of spaces with different energies for the workers to make the best of it.

Activity-based offices are highly suitable for the modern workplace culture which are supposed to be responsive to the needs of the workers and not restrict them to just the vicinity of their desks.

The bottom line:

Creative office space is not profligacy, but it is a necessity. In this world where workers are constantly subjected to critical problems and excessive use of cognitive skills, office space must be a place to allow free flow of ideas.