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What Are The Requirements For DHA License?

by | Aug 9, 2021 | Health

DHA stands for the Dubai Health Authority, a supervising body that assesses the healthcare department in Dubai, UAE. The authority aims to offer an accessible, effective, and integrated healthcare system for improving medical services, protecting public health, and improving the overall quality of life within the Emirates.
The Health Regulation Department in DHA is responsible for licensing qualified and skilled healthcare professionals.

This blog will help all healthcare professionals applying for a DHA licence to understand the various DHA licence requirements.

Who Are Eligible For Applying For DHA License?

All healthcare and allied healthcare professionals working and having a minimum of two years of continuous work experience can apply for a DHA Licence exam.

Major Requirements To Fulfill To Get A DHA License

The DHA License process is a long walk, yet it is pretty simple.
You must follow the below steps to get your DHA License.

The DHA License requirements for the application form are as follows:
Transcript Of Records
The Transcript of Records (TOR) must be issued from the school. It is the confirmation that you have all the required pages for the Relevant Legal Entity (RLE) record.
The TOR must be carried forward from your school itself and no one else.

Work Experience
You must have two years of experience in practising apart from your internship.
You must not have any exams scheduled for the upcoming six months after applying.

Passport Size Photo
A single colour passport size photo to be scanned.
The passport-size picture must be clear with no disturbances.

Passport Copy
A copy of your main passport pages.
It must be clear with no disturbances.

Authorization Letter For DHA
You obtain this document at the end of the application process.
You must read the document thoroughly, attach your signature, scan and upload the file.

Proof Of Professional Registration In India
These proofs of professional registration in India include the following:
PRC License – Non expired
Board Certificate – Diploma or else document from PRC
Certificate of Good Standing – Obtained from PRC

Make sure to scan all the DHA License requirement documents and process them further. The uploaded documents must be clear, and there should be no disturbance.

The PSV And CBT Assessment

You must get the Primary Source Verification (PSV) and clear the CBT Assessment once you get your Eligibility ID as confirmation.

Oral Assessment Scheduling

You can schedule your oral assessment at a suitable time frame and pay the fees of range AED 250 to AED 500. You must pass the evaluation to get a license.

Activate Professional License
As you clear the oral assessment, you can apply for DHA License activation and submit the offer letter with a malpractice insurance certificate.
You must pay a license activation fee of AED 1000 to AED 3000 to get the license. You get an interim license issued from DHA until you get the original delivered to you.

The regulatory body makes sure to provide quality health and safety services to residents in Dubai. It takes the responsibility of screening and processing the healthcare professional to serve in the city of Dubai.

The DHA Licencing process can be a time-consuming one when managed independently. It is why you need a professional healthcare recruitment firm.

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Ezee provides DHA licencing and intends to complete your licence in 20 working days. The typical DHA licence processing time is Four to Five months for individuals who wish to apply for it themselves.