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What Are The Popular Outdoor Tiles Trends In Sydney?

by | Mar 27, 2019 | Home Improvement

The outdoor space plays an important role in a home. It shows your status, style and gives a peek to your inside world. The outdoor space can be used for many purposes like for parties, patio and many more. So giving decor to your outdoor is a must. There are many outdoor flooring options, but have you ever given a thought about decorating it with tiles? Outdoor tiles enhance the exterior and beautifully décor your house. The deepness, texture, design of the tiles gives a traditional touch. Decorating outdoor with tiles is also pocket-friendly. There are cheap outdoor tiles in Sydney that gives an aesthetic look.

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The outdoor paving is tested from time to time. It is necessary to install a material which proves its high resistance, durability, and style at the same time. The tiles have proved its worth. It can withstand extreme weather condition, anti-slip surface, resistance to chemicals and many more. The tiles are trendy, unique and stylish. For years, the tiles have gracefully carried itself up to its mark and it is affordable, compared to other floor pavings. The most popularly used outdoor tiles are

  • Ceramic tiles – Ceramic tiles are the most popular and common flooring solution. It is easy to clean and requires less or no maintenance. It withstands extreme temperatures making it a perfect choice for the exterior. They are available in different designs and colours.
  • Terracotta floor – Terracotta tiles are special in its own way. They are handmade and so the imperfections and irregularities are unique. It is weatherproof and ideal for outdoor. It requires care and should be careful to spills and stains.
  • Porcelain tile – Porcelain tile is highly suggested for its scratch resistant and durability. It is weatherproof. The best part about this tile is its versatility and it is available in many designs, texture, colours, and patterns. They even resemble marble, stone, and wood. Expansion joints must be kept in mind while installing because of temperature changes.
  • Stoneware – It is thin colours, easy to install and is cheaper compared to other materials. With the help of inkjet colours technology, this tile gives a different and unique look.

The outdoor tiles are mostly used in walkways, pools, terrace, decks, patios and many more. Tiles are the first consideration not only for their looks and designs but also for their advantages.

Advantages of Outdoor Tiles

  • Durable – The first feature is its durability. It withstands moisture so that the water does not deteriorate the tile and even prevents cracking in extremely cold weather condition. The colours do not fade easily and last longer than other materials
  • Temperature resistant – They withstand extreme weather conditions and is full proof to frost colours and fire
  • Anti-slip proof – The outdoor tiles are grip proof, especially during freezing or wet weather conditions.
  • Easy maintenance – They hardly require maintenance and can be cleaned and mopped once a while. They are resistant to chemicals and stains.
  • Hygienic – They resist the growth of fungus, moulds, bacteria, and virus.

Disadvantages of Outdoor Tiles

The tiles make the best outdoor flooring but when it comes to cold weather condition, one cannot walk barefoot on the tiles. Covering feet is must during cold days. The tiles can be slippery near water areas like pools. So it needs a textured surface for anti-slip.