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What Are The Benefits Of a Granny Flat?

by | Apr 22, 2020 | Home Improvement

A granny flat is known for an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) or accessory apartment. Granny flats can be attached to the other home directly with the help of interior or exterior walkways. Or they can be detached and a standalone apartment/flat too. Granny flats are best for those who aren’t looking for a property that includes high maintenance requirements. They can be used as an extra flat or something that can be utilized on rent. Before you decide whether you want to get a granny flat or not, 

Check These Benefits Of Having a Granny Flat.

• Astonish your guests with this granny flat- You can now comfortably accommodate your friends and family in this granny flat, which seems very stylish and classy and, at the same time, provides an accommodation facility. So you do not need to struggle anymore to find a space for your guests.

• You can obtain rental money- These granny flats tend to be an excellent real estate investment. It can help to accrue wealth each month. You can easily give these granny flats for rent to get some additional monthly rental income. Hence, this would help in significantly reducing the financial pressure on your family as you can give these granny flats for paying guest purposes to college students. 

• Build it on your property and increase your home value- Yes! You heard it right. You can increase your home value by constructing these granny flats on your property. Speak to some real estate agent in your locality to find out the exact value of your property after adding your granny flat in it.

• It acts as a long term investment, and it helps in stabilizing the ROI. These granny flats proved to provide an exceedingly high return on investment. The right design of the wall, ceiling, and floors can give the best returns on investment. 

• You can use it as home come office. Now having a granny flat is beneficial in this manner, as it provides extra space as well as privacy to such people who work from home. Therefore, you tend to get more privacy.

You can customize and use the granny flats as per your choice: 

• You can use the granny flat in whatever way you wish too. As people over time realize and require a change in their apartments/flats, this can quickly be done in granny flats with significantly less time as compared to that of other flats and apartments.

• Also, if you build a new granny house, you would need to do a lot of paperwork, which will ultimately help to offset the taxation charges that you would have to pay.

• It is environment-friendly as it requires a much shorter area to that of a usual apartment or flat, and therefore promoted a clean and green environment.

Granny flats allow you a more spacious location: 

A granny flat is known for an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) or accessory apartment.• Granny flats can easily be rented and therefore tend to rent fast in a locality, as they are highly affordable.

• It stabilizes your neighborhood and also makes it more walkable. A granny flat requires low maintenance and hence can be used peacefully without any headache or high-cost maintenance requirements.

Granny flats are an entirely cost-effective housing solution. Currently, the design and style of old traditional granny flats have evolved and transformed into stylish mini houses. These flats or apartments are a form of tiny houses. They are an excellent choice for all those looking for one small, cost-efficient yet stylish type of living. You can now talk to local builders and ask them how they can design the best granny flat, as per building regulations.