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What Are The Advantages Of Stone Benchtop?

by | Jun 7, 2019 | Home Improvement

Many homeowners dream of having beautiful kitchen and bathroom stone benchtops in Penrith, but we all know the material, including marble and granite, can be quite costly. You are lucky that there are many suppliers in Penrith who are able to offer you cost-effective alternatives.

Increased esthetic appeal for space:

When quartz aggregates are compressed into slabs, the colour and texture of the slate and granite are the same. The only difference is the colour uniformity, as natural stone tends to vary in shades. This is good, of course, for people who want some character and uniqueness in their stone benchtops Penrith, but they would usually not be able to distinguish it from real stone when an untrained eye looks at engineered rock beds.

Lasts of life:

The durability that can be compared and won’t be as easily cracked as slate is a great quality of stone benchtops Penrith. Engineered stone is also heat-resistant so it would not snap, even if you put a hot pot on the surface by accident. Moreover, this material is scratch-and-cut resistant, and for a long time, it will remain brand new. We still recommend that you prevent vegetables from cutting on the surface.

Can be easily cleaned:

Natural stone may be powerful and amazing but it is also fairly porous and can be cleaned easily by bacteria into fissures and pores. In contrast, stone benchtops in Penrith are non-porous, do not absorb liquids, and can be cleaned without hassle easily and efficiently. If you always deal in your kitchen with raw meat, fish or vegetables, stone benchtops can be used to ensure food security.

Stain resistant:

We have dealt with the tedious maintenance and cleaning process for marble beds. It is important to seal the surface of natural stone regularly, otherwise, you would have to spend a lot of time simply removing stains caused by oils, wines, juices and other substances. On the other hand, the surface can still resist staining with stone benchtops Penrith, even if the dynamometer is worn. This material can be made of granite, marble or sandstone for longer than that.

You’re spoilt for choice:

As we have discussed, a wondrous selection of colours and styles are available for stone benchtops Penrith Your choices are not as limited compared with natural stone. Caesarstone, Essastone, Stellastone, Silestone, and Smartstone are some of the leading designed stone brands.

Perfect for a variety of other applications:

Stone benchtops Penrith are the ideal material for kitchen benchtops and vanity tops because of their nonporous and long-lasting properties. In contrast, for many other applications, you can also use it, including Flooring: The great thing about manufactured stone is that it can be cut into tiles which make laying in your house more convenient and give you sophisticated finishing space for your interior. Fireplaces: stone has a modern, slick finish, which allows you to create a luxury fireplace complementing your home or company’s specific architectural style. We have the perfect stone benchtops Penrith to create the impact you want, whether you want a traditional or a contemporary fireplace.

Since stone benchtops Penrith comes in different designs and is durable, it has become a popular choice.