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What are some of the job options available after doing a course in Fashion designing?

by | Jan 21, 2021 | Education

Fashion Designing is a creative genre of designing artistic clothes and accessories. Further, fashion designing has been practised since times immemorial with the design of costumes changing with the era. Fashion designing institutes in Mumbai are for those who love studying fashion trends and sketch designs. Likewise, fashion designers can be seen creating millions of clothes to develop society in terms of fashion and style. 

It is one of the most charismatic career options presented out there for the students. It opens a whole lot of opportunities for those who are passionate about designing art. The talented designers earn attractive salary packages and get ahead in their careers. 

How much does a fashion designer earn initially?

The entry-level for a fashion designer in India is Rs. 2.5 lakhs to Rs.3 lakhs per annum. Furthermore, the best fashion designing degree colleges in Mumbai opens up new doors for the students to interact with popular designers. The package can go up to Rs. 10 lakhs per annum depending on the industry the designers are working with. 

Career options in Fashion Designing

  • Fashion Designer

The fashion designers are specifically linked with the fashion industry. Besides, if you are a fashionista, you might have heard of top designers like Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra, Manish Bahl, etc. They have transformed the fashion industry to a new whole level. Moreover, a good fashion designer takes care of the sketches and patterns. The style from outfits to complete appearance. 

  • Retail Manager

Getting a job at a boutique or an apparel store is satisfactory and requires a proper understanding of fashion. Working with huge brands like Zara, Emporio Armani, Dior, etc. is an honour for the fashion designers. A retail manager sets up daily targets for the staff. Also, they ensure promotions and marketing techniques are carried out in a proper functional way. 

  • Fashion Stylist

The fashion designing course from a reputed institute in Mumbai gives you a platform to pursue your career as a fashion stylist. Further, fashion stylist is the toughest and exciting job for designers. The fashion stylists select the right pieces from the designer’s wardrobes. They pick out the right clothes matching the client’s body type, tastes, and preferences. The stylist takes care of the make-up, accessories, and everything to make the client look beautiful. 

  • Retail Buyer

After pursuing a course fashion designing course from Mumbai you will get ideas about the understanding of apparels. Besides, understand which clothes look best on whom. As a retail buyer, build up stores and sell on their own products. Get products from other designers as well. The field is so good if the work is done appropriately. 

  • Footwear and jewellery designing

Jewelry and footwear are a whole new segment in the field of fashion designing. Similarly, without the right accessories and footwear, even the perfect dress seems incomplete to the people. 

  • Make-up Artist

The make-up artist takes care of the hair, makeup, and grooming department. They are different from the beauticians and not just limited to normal beauty treatments. The makeup artists are hired for functions, weddings, fashion events, etc.

Fashion design is one of the highest paying industries offering some lucrative job opportunities. With so many fashion technologies emerging, there are so many specializations available. Some are fashion journalism, fashion photography, shoe designing, etc. For becoming a fashion designer, students require higher education qualifications like a full-time degree from a reputed fashion designing college in Mumbai. Many students can be seen opting for a master’s degree to specialize in the Fashion Designing field. Get ready to face all work kinds arriving in a single workplace.