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What Are Sectional Garage Doors? Why It Is Important?

by | Mar 18, 2020 | Home Improvement

Aluminium sectional garage doors have been growing as one of the most popular types of garage door choice many people request it and it is also a high demand product in the market space.

The reason for its popularity is its strong safety and security.

They are called sectional doors due to their specific construction, of many separate sections being joined and open vertically.

This type of construction makes it very versatile and therefore can be fitted in any shaped opening, be it rounded arched or square.

The Benefits Of Aluminium Sectional Garage Doors:

  • Space-saving
  • Remote opening
  • Insulated
  • High security
  • Large sizes available

construction Of An Aluminium Sectional Garage Door:

Most of the aluminium sectional garage doors are double skinned and filled with insulated foam.

These sections are constructed with aluminium for strength and longevity.

The effective and efficient construction of a sectional garage door cannot be imitated in any other form of garage door, it is due to its construction it can accommodate any kind of door opening and in any form.

How Does Aluminium Sectional Garage Door Save Space?

Since the garage door opens and closes in the vertical direction, the space around the door can be utilized, meaning the car does not have to be parked a certain distance to avoid being hit by the door.

If it is constructed in the right way, it is the perfect solution to keeping larger vehicles since the aluminium makes it durable and its design makes it a great space-saving option.

Operation Of A Sectional Door:

The mechanism of a sectional door is different than a normal garage door, there is the presence of a spring operation, which gives a much smoother operation than any conventional garage door, which is particularly useful in large doors.

Sectional doors give a safer operation because they have anti-entrapment property, which prevents finger trapping and number of safety features.

Why Aluminium?

Sectional doors come in many forms but, aluminium provides the most security, combining with a quality electric operator it becomes almost impossible to break into without turning the alarm system on or creating a lot of noise.

A thick panel construction provides enormous strength while reducing the damage from random knocks and bumps.

If installed properly, the insulated sectional door reduces heating cost on an adjacent room and provides insulation.

You add high-quality weatherstrips into the bottom door panel, the sides the top panel or the door panel, along with the combination of a levelled floor, the aluminium sectional door can provide resistance against weather conditions against, rain wind and dust.

A big advantage of having aluminium is that you can easily customize it with either paint, frames, and even handles and locks which makes it the most feasible option.