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Ways To Maintain The Look Of Concrete Driveways In Penrith

by | Oct 2, 2019 | Construction

You have invested quite some bucks on concrete driveways in Penrith because you knew that this driveway is subject to last long with a little bit of maintenance from your side. A concrete driveway will need very little upkeep, which is why more and more people are into this service. Even though it is true that concrete driveway needs very little maintenance when compared to asphalt driveway, it still needs a certain amount of maintenance. So, if you are making plans to just maintain a concrete driveway, make sure to check out more on the options for that. Some basic maintenance is required and you should know more about that.

Some ways to maintain the look of concrete driveways:

  • Make sure to clean driveways regularly:

How often you are willing to clean your driveway solely depends on the amount of traffic your driveway gets and the number of pollutants in the air. You can always hire a professional cleaning company to help you power wash the driveway. However, for most of people, simply trying to wash the driveway with a home pressure washer at regular interval can serve the same purpose. It is more than enough to keep the area clean. But, for the commercial driveways, calling experts is important as these areas are highly associated with traffic all the time.

  • Reseal whenever the time necessitates:

Concrete sealers will always help in preserving and protecting the surface of the driveway by just preventing water from getting right into the porous surface and then help delay the effects of weathering. However, time and traffic might wear out eventually even when you are using the best sealer for resealing the surface for maintaining that protection of concrete driveways in Penrith. So, a major thumb rule in this regard is mainly to reseal the driveways once in every three to five years’ time. However, you might have to reseal more than that is the driveway is widely used.

  • Try to keep spills out of surface:

You should always avoid doing some things like changing the oil in a vehicle on the driveway since spilled oil might create one ugly stain. If you ever see any drips or spills, make sure to clean it right away and most of it out of the surface with the help of an absorbent product like sawdust, kitty litter or even cornmeal. After you have soaked most of the spill from concrete driveways in Penrith, make sure to get rid of some residue marks by just scrubbing with water and soap. You can create this mixture at home or can get it from nearby hardware or home stores.

  • Avoid using salt or deicing chemicals:

Chemical deicers and even salt can prove to be quite hard on the grass and even on gardens, which are growing beside the driveway. However, worse than that, it will eat right into the surface of concrete and can start to deteriorate it. Spreading the sand on icy patches can help in providing traction during winter, which is one better option and it might sweep it right up in spring. So, make sure to follow these points now and get help, as and when asked for, from pros.