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Virtual Office Is The New Dimension In The Corporate Wold

by | Feb 13, 2020 | Business, Real Estate

A virtual office provides communication and address service for a fee without providing a dedicated office base. It differs from office business centres or executive suits which do provide physical office base and conduct meetings in rooms. The concept has routes in life even before and even during the industrial revolution.

Specifically working from home has made its invention from virtual office installation. The concept of Virtual office spaces is new and these days many new companies are preferring these types of offices. However, this business model might not be suitable for all types of businesses and might not help in expansion. The term “virtual office” implies space utilisation but the full application includes:-

  • Live communication facility: – A team of workers and an office environment working remotely using hi-tech computer telephony integration software to replace the traditional receptionist is an important feature of this platform. The only requirement is that there should be a strong internet connection for good operation of the work.
  • Virtual assistant: – A virtual assistant is a person working from home who rarely meets his clients face to face. All the meetings are held through phone-calls or video-conferencing. Thus reducing the office set-up cost and maintenance cost altogether.
  • Answering services: – Call centres to operate from a centralised location to receive and transmit all kinds of requests via telephone. In this case, language barriers and transitional inadequacy are the two major problems faced by the users. While selecting the answering service, it is recommended to choose the language according to the country so that there are no language barriers.
  • Voice mail services: – It is a low-cost technology that stores voicemail, messages electronically. Recent advancements in technology allow further conversion of voice message messages to email making message retrieve. This creates convenience for business owners. And the work proceeds smoothly.
  • Virtual office space: – It gives a chance to own a high profile reputed address in a city of personal choice at an amount much less than owning or buying it. This reduces the burden of huge capital investment.
  • Telephonic Answering Services:- It helps in reducing the communication gap between the person and clients around the globe. The services are computer programmed and each subject of service is assigned to a specific algorithm.With the help of a virtual office, one can easily enter new markets and expand their business and service area by allowing the clients with multiple locations to establish a professional presence in the desired growth markets. Starting many years back, it has been able to provide a flexible platform without bearing the capital expenses of the business. It has become the most promising tool for growing entrepreneurs. Though many fraud companies are trying to cheat the clients by providing false address proofs, the government must control these crimes to a large extent. In this way, words of trust will be established and the overall economic development of the company will reach its peak at the following time.

Conclusion: virtual office provides a flexible platform to the users and hence it saves a lot of expenses of taking the space for an office.