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Various Types Of Concrete Driveways

by | Sep 24, 2021 | Construction

In this article, we have listed the various types of concrete driveways that homeowners use to complete their driveway installation projects and how coloured concrete driveway adds more value to it. They vary based on their extensive range, quick-setting options to those requiring careful planning and budgeting before beginning the project. Let’s take a quick look at the types of concrete driveways.

     1. Simple and coloured varieties

Concrete is one of the most often utilised materials for driveway construction. It is very robust and may be stacked on any surface. And adding coloured concrete to your driveway might stand out and be a focal point in your landscape, giving it a unique and appealing appearance. If you are looking for a basic concrete alternative with a high-quality finish, a plain or coloured concrete driveway or outdoor area is the ideal option. You may choose between a conventional light grey hue or a colour that complements your house and surrounding environment.

     2.Driveway With Pebble 

A concrete driveway finished with pebbles or exposed aggregate provides a very beautiful and durable concrete surface that is incredibly flexible and is available in a range of fashionable colours and textures to complement any home or business. Adding aggregates such as pebbles, stones, slate, and/or shells to the concrete before pouring and sanding back the mix brings out the beauty of embedded materials that would otherwise be hidden by a thin layer of cement. 

    3. Stencil Driveways

Concrete that has been stencilled to appear like slate, tiles, pavers, brickwork, or stone may be created. Stencils are available in a variety of designs and patterns, each of which gives your driveway its own distinct personality. Surface patterns in concrete are created by manipulating the concrete pavement’s surface after it has stiffened but before it has completely set, resulting in stencilled patterns on the surface of the concrete.

    4. Driveways made of slate and concrete

These kinds of concrete driveways offer a beautiful finish that enhances your driveway’s texture and depth. A slate concrete driveway may be finished with a glossy finish to add a touch of elegance and refinement to your home’s exterior. Decorative slate patterns and hues are available in a variety of designs and colours.

    5. Driveway with stamped concrete

Stamped concrete driveways are available in a wide range of patterned and coloured concrete driveways. Other types of pavement materials do not allow for this kind of installation. Stamped concrete may be used to produce cost-effective reproductions of popular building materials such as cobblestone, brick, natural slate, and fieldstone, among others. Stamped concrete driveways are not like stone or precast pavers in that they can simply be poured or pumped into position without the need to lift and install individual pieces, saving both time and labour.

Now, there are multiple types and varieties of concrete driveway options available. You can decide which one is best for your situation by finding out how often you plan to drive on the surface or what are your colour preferences etc. In this blog post, we covered a few common ones for each option. And hopefully, this information has been helpful in making an informed decision about which type of concrete driveway would work best with your lifestyle.

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