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Understanding The Elements Of Fashion Designing

by | May 22, 2019 | Education

In this ever competitive world, there is an extensive demand to be creative and stand out of clutter with some outstanding and creative works. Fashion Designing is one such filed that gives you complete freedom to break the barriers as well as stereotypes. The fashion industry is growing at an enormous speed. It becomes very imperative to understand the elements of fashion designing to create the ultimate designs. The several institutes of Fashion Designing in Mumbai aims at promoting fashion to its best and offering some of the most compact and avid fashion designing fashion diploma programs and courses.  The institutes of Fashion Designing in Mumbai use the best combination of resources and understanding to impart in-depth knowledge of the field and designing aspects.

Some of the important elements of fashion designing are given below:

Silhouettes:  The shape, outline and style of clothing are one of the crucial element of Fashion Designing. Several factors are taken into consideration while opting for a particular silhouette type. Some of the examples of silhouette include: A-Line, sheath, hourglass, Bell, Trapeze etc

Colour: The intensity and value of colour is the first thing that one notices about a garment. Considerable thought is given while designing a garment to create a lasting impression. Colours are also used to create an illusion, for example, Dark colours give an impression of distance whereas; bright colours make a dress appear big. Fashion designing is all about using the best suitable colour scheme and creating an out of the box design.

Fabric: The knowledge of the fabric and fabric texture is must while designing an outfit. Choosing the right fabric to get the desired look is extremely important. There are end numbers of fabric options available in the market; the knowledge of fashion designing helps you to pick the best.

Fabric pattern and prints: The fabric print and patterns can give your outfit an exceptional look. The prints should be chosen keeping in mind the theme of your garments.

Balance:  The perfect balance of symmetry, asymmetry, shapes, elements, style lines is a must while designing an outfit.

Design lines: The two type of design lines that is straight design lines and curved design lines should be strategically placed to give the desired effect to a garment. The straight lines give the effect of slimness whereas, curved lines give the effect of roundness.

Body Shape: It is very important for a fashion designer to understand body type and create outfits that are sure to meet the requirements. The body shapes are categorized in fashion designing as rectangle, triangle, hourglass, oval, square and round.  Hourglass is an ideal body type and fashion designers design clothes that give the wearer the ideal shape.

Choosing the best institute for fashion designing in Mumbai can help you get the optimum knowledge of the fashion industry and create your own mark in this ever-growing field. The overall comparison of various institutes in Mumbai offering fashion designing courses is must build a bright career in the fashion world.