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HR Management Systems have revolutionized the HR architecture of Enterprises and organisations. HR software provides for a smooth and easy HR workflow within the organisation leading to reduced work burden on the HR Personnel.

The company HR then has valuable time to focus on work on various other employee-related issues and can strive towards creating and maintaining harmonious professional relationships within the company.

So what is an HR management system? What are its features? What are the benefits of using HR management software in your company?

The article will explore all your above queries and help you whether your organisation is ready for an HR management system (HRMS) or not.

An HRMS is an amalgamation of various systems and processes that bridge the gap between human resource management and IT through HR software.

It can be looked at as a digital assistant of the actual HR team, helping them in their daily workings organising employee information.

The 10 essential features of an HR system are as follows:

  1. Payroll And Administration Management
  2. Employee Management
  3. Complete User Access Control
  4. Financial Management
  5. Leave And Attendance Management
  6.  Real-Time Mobile Application Management
  7. Expense And Claim Management
  8. Policy and Compliances Management
  9. Web Portal Responsiveness
  10. A Unified Central Dashboard

hr management systemThe Benefits of HR Management Systems:

1.Employee Optimisation:

An HR Management software promotes employee optimisation in many ways:

A. Employee Self Service: It can be a complicated process for HR to make every company employee understand the policies, salary process, rules, etc. of the company. HR management systems provide employee independence by helping employees check the company’s rules, policies, their paid leaves, salary process, etc. on their own.

B.Monitoring KPIs: An HR management system monitors essential KPI elements like Employee Position Duration, Employee Retention, Absenteeism, etc. promoting employee efficiency.

  1. Other Employee related services such as attendance and Time Management, Payroll Process, Training Management, etc. are handled systematically and securely via HRMS.

2.Sophisticated Recruitment Process

Recruitment and Onboarding are the two main HR processes. An HRMS makes it an efficient and polished process by:

A.Administrating The Onboarding Process

  1. Specifying Every Employee’s Role Within The Organisation
  2. Familiarising New Employees With The Company Environment
  3. Authorising Companies To Monitor Employee Work Process

3.Improved Working Within Organisations:

An HRMS polishes the organization’s workings. Tasks which would have otherwise taken weeks to complete get completed in a day. It makes data easily accessible at your fingertips whenever you want it. You can automate all time-consuming employee-related tasks via the HRMS and need not fret over its completion. It gives you and your employees more time to spend on business-related activities. Also, company data is easily accessible by employees and can be accessed from anywhere: homes, offices, remote areas, promoting employee work convenience. Easily and readily available data helps employees make quick decisions. All these features boost employee communication and work productivity.

4.Increased Scalability

Almost every company or enterprise needs to scale their operations from time to time depending on the market conditions. The scalability process becomes easier via the HRMS as it adds greater flexibility in changing HR operations with different scenarios. It saves time and cost taken for expanding HR operations during the scalability process.

5.Easy HR Personnel Workings:

HR management system boosts HR productivity by:

A.Reducing Paperwork and Digitising Documentation Process. It sets a standardised process for set procedures related to employee information, salaries, hiring, leaves, etc.

A. Eliminate Human Error Completely:

HRMS provides for a digitised HR management solution eliminating any human error. Automatisation of HR tasks decreases common mistakes such as double entry, etc. and also gives employees the freedom to double-check

 their work.

B. Offers Privacy And Security:

HRMS helps prevent employee data hacking. Further, HRMS comes equipped with Payroll management wherein the payroll data can be secured via password and stored on internal hardware.

An HR Management system makes sure that the employee and management data stays safe and secure, untouched by hackers.

6. Absolute Access Control:

HRMS software provides role-based access control. The said access is a method of granting access only to authorized employees within the enterprise. It means that employees can see only what the HR personnel wants them to see. The HR has complete access over the HRMS and monitors employee workings and also keeps a check on what the employees are doing while at work, what they access, and what they do not. It helps in reducing internal fraud and embezzlement. 

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