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Understanding And Measuring Leadership Development Programs.

by | Oct 14, 2021 | Business, Education

What Is A Leadership Development Program?

Leadership development alludes to an organisation’s effort towards developing the talent quotient of the leaders that are already there in their employment today and preparing them to persevere through a challenging tomorrow. Nurturing steadfast and nimble leaders is optimal for a company, given the dynamic and fast-paced nature of the world. Thus, with the help of a quality leadership development program, companies invest in cultivating the internal growth of their high-potential employees. Such that they are prepared and well-equipped to handle senior positions within the organisation in the future. 

A leadership development program involves multiple components, such as the context of leadership that would grant focus towards strengthening the connection between each of the employees and the company while understanding the working knowledge and expectation of the employee to curate a program designed to align with the same. They also focus on experiential learning to understand practical implications and conveyance of leadership concepts, susceptibility and adaptation towards acceptance to change, and delivery and acceptance of constructive feedback. 

Importance Of Measuring Leadership Development Program’s Effectiveness: 

Having toxic or well-liked but ineffective individuals in leadership positions can be less than beneficial for a company. These could be counterproductive and make you lose valuable assets and goals, such as a star employee or a valuable client. As a result, it becomes increasingly important to gauge the effectiveness of the leadership programs undertaken by these leaders. Measuring leadership development programs is a requite parameter that allows one to determine the results and value. 

Listed below are factors that help in measuring leadership development programs and their validity in terms of results and delivery in leadership performance. 

  • Create Tangible Outcomes: Be aware of why you started and your intention to engage in a leadership development program when you began. Set out tangible outcomes with suitable key performance indicators (KPI) that allow for optimal tracking of ones’ leadership training venture. It is essential to track progress to establish a range for improvement and take necessary action accordingly. For example, increase employee training satisfaction rate, improve customer satisfaction by a certain degree, or reduce employee turnover for the year, among other such checkpoints. 
  • Criteria To Evaluate Leadership Effectiveness: Not having set criteria in place on the part of a company can be a sure set route towards failure. By having predetermined success standards in place, an effective program can be sought to suitability and fill your team’s knowledge gaps. The criteria can be curated as per the requirements or skills needed of a leader in your industry, communication and interpersonal skills, or alignment with the employees’ career plans and vision, thus swallowing clear goals and objectives. 
  • Communication: Maintain regular communication and emphasise the importance of being in touch and aware of the workload, concerns, and problems faced by the employees regularly. Leaders have their tasks set up for them, especially in the face of the remote working landscape today. 
  • Continual Program Evaluation: Have consistent evaluation measures in place in the form of questionnaires along with open and honest feedback. 

The above-mentioned distinctions can serve as guidelines or self-review towards measuring leadership development programs and choosing one geared towards realising the company’s goals and improving your employees’ leadership skills up to the best degree. Leadership programs act as facilitators that equip leaders with the tools they require to lead with their unique vision and company. 

Leaning Venture is a well established and reputed provider of leadership development programs in Sydney. They offer award-winning programs that are acclaimed both nationally and internationally; these are curated with an aim to enhance your leadership capability, team management skills and nurture optimal performance as a leader. One of the key development programs offered here is the ‘Leadership Booster’ – it is made to teach the participating individuals frontline leadership skills that will aid them towards managing both themselves and their teams alike to achieve the best performance while boosting morale and productivity. These are curated in keeping with prevalent digital invasion, thus allowing convenient facilitation wherein you can also partake in the program online. 

Consider objectively, and choose the best and most effective leadership development program for your company today!