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Ultimate guide to choose right bench top water filter tap

by | Apr 7, 2019 | Business

Are you thinking to renovate your kitchen?

There are various things which anybody should consider before designing your new kitchen. A lot of decisions can be made like installing boiling chilled water tap, bench top water filter, sink, etc.

Sounds easy? Sometimes your decisions to redesign your kitchen might change your preference. If you use a new benchtop water filter as an addition!

You will like the proposal of a bench top water filter with under mount sink. You might don’t like to drill a hole into it for a committed boiling chilled water tap.

So, an aligned water filter system among your individual choice of tap design might be better. Fresh and filtered water inside your new kitchen is a necessity, if you wish it to smell, taste and look better. But selecting the proper water filter system for a kitchen depends on a few aspects:

Think About the Look & Design of Your Kitchen

You might like the modest kitchen look and want to remove devices like the water filter jug and kettle. Thus, a three-way combination taps system which includes filtered, boiling & chilled water tap. This way you can get the filtered water when you need it.

Think about your lifestyle and way to use the new kitchen

Do you party or have a big family to visit at your place? If yes, then you might like to install a boiling & chilled water tap with a bench top water filter to make hot drinks. It’s quicker and cheaper as compared to boiling a kettle. It also tastes good for that great cuppa.

Combine your bench top water filter with a Three-Way Mixer Tap

This is ideal for those who want to combine their bench top water filter and boiling & chilled water tap in one. There are two knobs, one for the boiling & chilled water tap and other for the filtered water. It will let you dispense the same water that you want to use.

Instant cold & hot drinks on demand

Do you entertain a lot or have a large family? Then this is the ideal way out for having boiled, steaming filtered water straight from your tap. You could change the temperature as well as there is also a child safety lock. It is perfect for a small office, large families or an entertaining environment. This system is available with a quick joint mixer tap which goes with a modern kitchen.

Dedicated Filter Tap

You might like the classic style water filter with enthusiastic slim line tap. This is a separate, small, slimline valve which is only for cold water. It is ideal if you want to get your filtered water supply individual. You can also use it for small amounts, particularly for drinking.

So, this guide might help you with the selection when you are thinking to renew your kitchen. Use of boiling chilled water tap and bench top water filter is going to be your best choice. It will enhance the productivity of the kitchen.