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Ultimate Buying Guide For Freestanding Bath Sale

by | Dec 15, 2019 | Bathroom Product

Thinking about visiting freestanding bath sale? In past freestanding baths are made up of metal or copper but now they are available in different designs. People are now interested in buying freestanding bath for their washrooms. In this article let us discuss different types of freestanding baths and also its benefits and features in it.

Guide to purchasing the best accessories at freestanding bath sale

 Freestanding bath type:

Freestanding baths are also available in different sizes and styles. The Price of the freestanding bath differs based on the quality, material, finish, and design. Freestanding baths must be installed in the focal point of the bathroom and it can be seen from all sides of the bathroom.

 Back to wall freestanding bath type:

 Back to wall freestanding bath types have long edges and they are faced against the wall. It is the best choice if you have a restriction on space. Since it is fixed against the wall, people who cannot change their plumbing works can select back to wall freestanding bath types. It has a versatile style and gives a luxury feel for the bathroom. Cleaning behind the bath space is eliminated which is very hard to clean in the normal bath type. 

 Corner freestanding bath type:

 If you are renovating the existing bathroom and if you have a limitation with space then you can select this bath type. It is one of the new and trending models in the market. There are two options available. They are right hand and left -hand bath type.  You can select one based on the need. As the name sound, this bath type is installed at one corner of the bathroom. It gives a contemporary and modern look for the bathroom. In the small space, you can also have large vanities and special enclosure for the shower area. Most house owners prefer corner freestanding bath type because of its advantages. 

 Clawfoot freestanding bath type:

 Clawfoot freestanding bath type will give a heritage and traditional look for the bathroom. The standard shape of the Clawfoot type is oval but they are also available in the single slipper and double slipper designs. These designs are best known for privacy. Clawfoot freestanding bath type will give good support for the back and shoulders. You can easily get in and out of the bath because of the rolled top design. It is available in plenty of feet styles like round contemporary option and lion paw. The color option available in Clawfoot freestanding bath type is gold, brass, and chrome. Black and white color feet are the popular model in Clawfoot type. You can match this bath type with the mixers, bathroom accessories, and tapware. 

Freestanding bath type materials;


 Bathtubs made up of stone are durable and the quality of the tubs lasts for a long period. 


 Bathtubs made up of acrylic are smooth. It is a non-porous material. Scratches may occur on the surface of the bathtub but they can be easily polished. They are very light in weight and less expensive when compared with other bath types. 

 Solid surfaces and metals are some of the other materials used for making bathtubs.