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Types Of Shower Heads To Consider For Your Bathroom Renovation

by | Sep 27, 2022 | Bathroom services, Bathroom Suppliers, Home Improvement

On the off chance that there’s one method for making your restroom more useful on a budget, redesigning your shower head. There’s no question that showers are perhaps the most used thing in any washroom. So, why not give your old shower head an update and renew your washing experience indeed? 

In light of this, today I will feature some of the most famous sorts of shower heads you can consider. Pick any of these shower sets for your washroom, and you’ll change over your space into something utilitarian on a little spending plan.

  • Twin Shower Set / Rail Shower Sets

Twin shower sets or rail shower sets are lavish sorts of shower heads which usually comprise a handheld shower and an overhead shower. They are intended to oblige every one of your requirements into a solitary unit, which is why they are becoming extremely well known for restroom redesign.

  • Sliding bar / Rail shower head:

A sliding bar or rail head normally comprises a handheld shower joined to a sliding rail. The level of the rails can be adjusted effectively by moving the sliding bar up or down. These shower heads are great for families with kids where individuals of various heights need to utilize a similar shower.

  • Handheld shower head:

A handheld shower head is a unique kind of shower head which comprises a shower head joined to a hosepipe. They offer full body coverage without expecting you to move and position your body pointlessly. Handheld shower heads are staggeringly affordable and offer an incredible compromise between costly shower heads and cheap wall-mounted units.

  • Fixed / Single/ Wall-Mount shower head:

The customary choices are wall-mount shower heads or fixed or single shower heads. Such shower heads are generally found in small apartments and fundamental condominiums. While these basic shower heads are unquestionably budget-friendly, they’re likewise simple to introduce. Such shower heads offer essential water flow. However, you’ll find shower heads’ different flow components.

  • Rainfall shower head:

Rainfall shower heads are by far the most famous kind of showerhead. Such shower heads are intended to recreate the water flow of rain. It gives a delicate shower stream and allows you to enjoy an unwinding showering experience. While rainfall shower heads can be roof mounted, running plumbing on the roof can be troublesome and expensive. That is why wall-mounted rainfall shower heads are likewise accessible in the market.

  • Ceiling / Top-Mounted shower head:

Ceiling or top-mounted shower heads are very popular. As the name infers, these shower heads are mounted on the roof and splash directly under. Ceiling or top-mounted shower heads are rainfall shower heads mounted on the roof.


If you’re going through a bathroom remodelling, you ought to consider overhauling your shower head. The most well-known kinds of shower heads incorporate ceiling or top-mounted shower heads, rainfall shower heads, fixed or single or wall-mounted shower heads, handheld shower heads, twin shower sets/ rail shower sets and sliding bar/ rail showers.