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Types of Fire Shutters That Will Offer You Maximum Protection

by | Feb 13, 2020 | Services

When constructing a building, either a home or a commercial premise, fire safety regulations are of the essence. There are various ways to ensure that your structure is safe from the threat of fire. For instance, the inhabitants of the house can be trained on how to handle fire situations and the installation of physical regulations like fire alarms and fire shutters. These shutters are made of steel, and they function by compartmentalizing the different spaces of a structure to ensure that the fire does not spread rapidly. They are essential because they minimize the damage caused by the fire, and they give the inhabitants enough time to evacuate from the premises. Various types of fire shutters can be installed in a building.

Horizontal Fire Shutter:

The horizontal fire shutter works by covering the particular gaps that are on the floor of a building, for instance, in the escalators and the staircases. In addition to covering these gaps, horizontal shutters also protect the upper parts of a building from the fire, for instance, the ceilings. The advantage of these horizontal shutters is that one does not need to use many vertical shutters to seal the floor gaps. They are also quite effective hence are a preferred choice for many people.

Lateral Fire Shutter:

There are particular situations where a room is quite large, and it requires fire shutters for protection against fire. Lateral shutters are useful because they can provide insulation to rooms with large widths, i.e., they can cover an area that spans up to 40 meters. Besides, they are quite effective because they can offer protection for quite a long period, i.e., four hours. Therefore, lateral shutters are good because they provide protection to the spaces that vertical or horizontal shutters cannot guarantee.

Non-Insulated (Steel) Fire Shutter:

The non-insulated steel fire shutters in Sydney are arguably the most popular in the market. They are made of steel and are configured to offer fire protection for a period of up to four hours. Also, these shutters can provide security protection against other threats. Since they are made using steel, they are much tougher and stronger to resist high force and pressure. Therefore, these steel shutters are quite reputable to be formidable against fire and security threats.

Mini Fire Shutter:

The mini fire shutter is the best choice for fire protection in places where space is constrained. They have a small headroom and a rail footprint that functions to protect the particular inhabitants of the space. They are recommended for use on counters and baggage handling systems. Therefore, if you need fire protection on a small space, the mini shutters are the best option.

Steel Fire Insulated Shutter:

The benefit of installing these fire shutters is that they are quite capable of preventing the fire flames from spreading around. However, they might be affected by the flames and affect the temperature on the other side. Although, there are such steel shutters that can protect the other safe side from the high temperature.

These different types of fire shutters are quite effective in protecting against fire. You can select the type of fire shutters available in Sydney that is effective and suits your fire safety requirements.