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Top 7 Points To Know When Buying Hand Sanitizer

by | Dec 15, 2020 | Health

Sanitizers are safe. They prevent infection. It is not an alternative to soap and water. The product is an alcohol base. It is effective on grime and germs.

  • The product is available as liquid or gel
  • It is not your regular aged care cleaning products
  • Using sanitizer does not mean you don’t need soap and water

There are a few basic facts that are misconceptions. When using sanitizer products you need to follow basic tips. Seven tips you will find are listed below.

  1. Helpful against germs:

Sanitizer works like aged care flooring solutions. It will kill germs. Soap and water will help regulate infection. A normal soapy solution will not treat germs.

This is where sanitizer is helpful. It treats bacteria and microbes. Aged care flooring solutions will also treat bacteria and microbes. Soap and water will help clean the surface.

Both actions are important so infection does not spread. Sanitizer treats germs from the skin surface. It is not a prevention method. All types of germs are easy to treat with sanitizer.

  1. Use sanitizer as back-up wash only:

When you use sanitizer, it should not replace soap water. Aged care cleaning products that lack soap and water are never the main course. Once you have used soap water you can also use sanitizer.

In general, sanitizer is best if used before using soap water solution. Kill the germs and then clean your hand with soap water. This should be the best practice.

  1. Avoid using sanitizer where no access to sink water:

If you do not have access to clean water and soap, then avoid using sanitizer. If you use aged care flooring solutions you will use the wet mop to clean the floor.

In the same way, after using sanitizer you should wash hands with soap water. If you don’t have water and soap then avoid using sanitizer.

Always wipe your hands dry with a clean towel after you use sanitizer.

  1. Buy the right product:

All sanitizers may not be of the same quality. They differ in base and ingredients. Sanitizer for hospital use may differ from the one you use at home.

So before you buy aged care cleaning products check with grade – commercial or not. It is best to buy one that is best. Always go with approved products.

  1. Check alcohol content before buying:

In general, sanitizers may have 60 percent alcohol. The content may differ from one product to another. Buying sanitizer is not like buying aged care flooring solutions. 

You have to focus on the alcohol percentage. This is important before using it. The high alcohol content is more effective, but risky. Follow proper usage tips. The product is inflammable. 

  1. Follow the proper using technique:

Like any other aged care, cleaning products sanitizers need proper using techniques. The product may not be of many effects if you don’t use it as recommended.

In most cases, avoid buying refill packs, if you can’t replace the empty contents on your own. Aged care cleaning products need proper handling.

  1. Avoid using other cleaning products:

If you are using sanitizer, avoid using other alcohol-based products. When handling aged care flooring solutions avoid using sanitizer. 

Always use under the supervision of an expert. Kids need supervision when using this product.