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Top 6 Tips To Follow To Maintain Safety In Pandemic Times

by | Aug 15, 2020 | Health

Pandemics can be contagious. It can spread from individual to another. This is why one needs to take precautions. If you are not careful then you are more likely to catch the infection.

  • During such times, you need to stay calm.
  • You can limit the risk factor by wearing safety gears and clothing.
  • Avoid physical contact with others as possible.

Following rules means you need not worry about infection. There are steps or tips that prove helpful during these times.

  1. Personal Hygiene

To stay away from infection, hygiene is important. You can wear isolation gowns if you work in a congested environment. Regular hygiene is important. Avoid touching surfaces that may be infectious. 

It is important to wash your hands on touching any such surface. You also need to disinfect your hands in the right manner. Using hospital-grade antibacterial wipes proves helpful.

  1. Disinfect on regular intervals

Disinfecting surfaces and other things around you is also important. Always ensure you use on tested disinfectant. Even if you wear isolation gowns at the workplace, you have to disinfect other surfaces.

It is important to disinfect everything you touch. It includes your cell phones, door handles, Kitchen appliances, Keyboards, etc.

One practical method is to use hospital-grade antibacterial wipes very often. Wipes are not expensive but may offer protection. This ensures you don’t get infected by the virus.

  1. Clean kitchen utensils before use

Kitchen utensils should be hygienic. Before you touch any utensil, ensure you have washed it. If possible wash vegetables and fruits with warm water. Always practice using hospital-grade antibacterial wipes when serving food.

Kitchen utensils are more prone to infection. The virus gets transmitted to your hands and mouth. It needs extra care when handling them. You can wear isolation gowns if you work in the public kitchen.

  1. Avoid sharing clothes and towels

Many people share cloths and towels with others. This is common among family members. You should avoid this habit during pandemics. Wearing isolation gowns and sharing common cloths may not be helpful. 

You can still get infected if you share clothes and towels. Also, ensure you wash your clothes every day after use. Ensure you only wear clothes that are dry. Hospital-grade antibacterial wipes are not useful on cloths.

  1. Avoid physical contact

People are often used to greet others using physical contact. During pandemics, you have to avoid physical contact. You can greet maintaining social distance. Even if you wear isolation gowns social distancing is important.

  1. Avoid touching your face

To avoid touching your face you can wear a facial mask. The face shield is also important. It is one protective gear that prevents you from touching your face.

You can clean your hands with hospital-grade antibacterial wipes before touching your face. A virus can get transmitted from infected surface to your eyes and mouth. Physical contact is never advisable. This is important if you work in health care centres as well.

The most important thing is to stay away from crowded places. You should avoid public places very often. Taking the right level of precaution is a must.