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Top 5 Office Lunch Ideas For Corporate Catering

by | Jan 20, 2020 | Business, catering

Your office is a place where you definitely wish to share some big business ideas over lunch or maybe share a small chat with your favourite office partner. This makes your lunchtime even more important.

Talking about the best office lunch ideas, there are a lot of options available for the same however, you need to look for the best one suitable for your workplace. 

5 Office Lunch Ideas for Corporate Catering

Even though, the professionals often have their own set of lunch ideas for you, listed here are the 5 best office lunch ideas for corporate catering. 

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Boxed Lunch 

Firstly, if you talk about office lunch, boxed lunch is the best way to woo your employees. This is an excellent option for corporate employees and the best part is that the price of all boxed lunches is pretty reasonable as far as the company’s expenses are con concerned.

In a boxed lunch, you can put in several options including things like- a bag of potato chips, cookies, a veg sandwich, cheese sandwich, grilled chicken, salad, some drinks like chilled strawberry shake, lemonade, etc.


Organic food is another best option for all your office employees. Regardless of any specialization in your office, organic lunch food always remains in trend and most importantly, it helps keep you healthy.

Opt for the best, pure, and fresh organic lunch that will take care of your health and increase your productivity in your office. In the organic lunch, you can have salads, juices, freshly prepared avocado salsa, and many other delicious dishes.

Gourmet Slider Bars 

If you are thinking of the best and tastiest lunch in your office, then the gourmet slider is a perfect option. In gourmet sliders, you have a lot of options to choose from a slider to your liking.

There are a number of professional corporate caterers in Sydney who provides a variety of sliders for you like mustard filling and ketchup, beef sliders, turkey sliders, pork, which is simmered, and for the people who love vegetarian food for them, we also have vegan sliders. 

Creative Menus 

Pizza, sandwiches, burgers, salads, and sliders are all a regular lunch. But imagine how it will be when you eat a completely different, creative and delicious meal for office catering. Pick your gourmet specialist asking them to raise their menus to use new ideas to make unique and delicious dishes that will truly fulfil the hunger of your office. 

A portion of these lunch plates can be comprising of mixed greens alternatives incorporate a crisp strawberry, mango, pomegranate seed blended greens serving of mixed greens with toasted pine nuts prepared in a citrus vinaigrette, or a simmered rainbow beet serving of mixed greens over finely hacked Tuscan Kale with sweetened pecans and disintegrated goat cheddar hurled with a balsamic vinaigrette.


If your office timing is in the morning or if you have a meeting in the morning, then you can choose the brunch option for this.

There are several brunch ideas like crêpes, cakes, and new natural food, alongside flavourful alternatives like a crisp plate of mixed greens, hot protein, and unique side dishes. 

Unite and associate your teammates to set up the new promising pace for a productive day with any of these amazing lunch ideas.