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Top 5 natural sunscreen ingredients in the market

by | Jul 13, 2021 | Business

So we all have one thing in common for sure. It is a skincare routine that has been with us for ages. And what is the skincare routine? Well, it is that we cannot leave our homes without the application of good sunscreen all over our face and body. We apply it nicely so that the sun does not harm our skin with its harmful UV rays. 

But do you have any idea of how some ingredients present in our sunscreens are harming our face and body every single day. It might not be easy for us to see it now, but after a little time, it will be apparent not only to us but also to the people in front of us. There are several ingredients that might cause our skin to look horrible due to regular application. sp so what can we do to avoid this from happening? Well, we can apply a natural sunscreen ingredient to our bodies and face to avoid any damage.

Yes, there are various natural sunscreens that are readily available in the market that we did not know about. If you see the list below, you might smile to yourself as you might not have known that these ingredients can work such wonders. 

So what are the natural sunscreen ingredients? 

See the list to know what are the various natural sunscreens. 

  • Coconut oil 

This is not just good for our hair but also for our skin and yes it is an amazing natural sunscreen ingredient that you can slatter on your face and body when going out in the sun. Coconut oil is 20% effective so you will have to reapply it every time you go out in the sun as it is efficient just for staying for a while in the sun. but, overall, it is a good option. 

  • Shea butter

Who doesn’t love the smell of shea butter? Everybody does for sure. Imagine applying it all over your body as sunscreen, amazing right? You will not just smell amazing but will also be protected from the sun in an amazing way. This too, however, needs to be reapplied to the skin. 

  • Sesame oil

A thin layer of sesame oil can do wonders for your skin. It is a great natural sunscreen ingredient that you can apply for staying in the sun for a short period of time. You can reapply it easily for staying in the sun for longer,

  • Aloe vera

We all know that aloe vera is a magical ingredient that sits in the corner of our homes very humbly. This too is an amazing natural sunscreen ingredient

  • Olive oil

This too is easily available in our kitchen. Mix it with some other natural sunscreen ingredients, apply it to your body and face and you are ready to fight the sun. 


So these were the various natural sunscreen ingredients that you can use in place of the cosmetic ones. Trust us and give it a try!