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Top 5 innovative HR practices you need to know

by | Dec 3, 2020 | Business

There has been a paradigm shift in the ways businesses are working nowadays. The HR department is not only responsible for handling employees’ data but also creates an engaging and productive workplace. These days the HR department plays a holistic role in the company for overall succession and growth of the employees. 

There is no doubt, Human resources are taking a digital shape in the structure of the organization and have evolved a lot since manual administration. Companies are being introduced with hr and payroll management software to promote innovation in HR.

As companies are trying to stay as relevant as possible for both employees and customers, they are surrounding themselves with modern and digital hr solutions. Here are the top 5 innovative hr trends and practices the companies can benefit from. 


  • Real-Time Data Management 


With some of the best hr payroll software, the HR fraternity has grown highly digital. The software facilitates centralized storage of data which can be assessed by various stakeholders of the organization.

The HR department no longer has to manually do payroll and schedule management. The efficient module of the software can facilitate zero-touch payroll and real-time data. 


  • Focus on Performance Management 


Humans are inherently biased. Therefore, even when the HR manager tries as hard as possible it can happen unconsciously.

To promote standardized and absolute performance management, the HR department can collaborate with various modules and HR software to optimize the approach of performance evaluation. Even employees can take active participation in such open platforms to give feedback and suggestions.  

It may sound like breaking the normative rule of performance evaluation but it sure is a better way to encourage and recognize employees in the organization. 


  • Virtual Interviews and Recruitment Process 


As more and more generation-y and generation-z are joining the workforce, they are demanding virtual interviews and recruitment processes. Digitalizing the recruitment system doesn’t only benefit recruits but also the organization. Virtual recruitment is time-saving and can be easily tracked while going through different departments.

As the virtual interactions can finally be deemed professional, companies can invest in Hr software for the easy and accessible interview process and custom training modules. 


  • Workforce Analytics 


Nowadays, big or small companies are investing in hr and payroll management software. The visual-rich modules provide real-time insights into the employees’ trends and workings of the organization. It helps in forming a collaborative environment in the organization and provides cues for making future decisions.  

With the ever-changing dynamics of the corporate world, workforce analytics can form a seamless connection between various aspects and departments of the organization.

Making Automation in HR the New Normal 

As the world is moving towards automation and robotics, the HR fraternity can take the lead for such a move in the corporate world by choosing advanced HR and payroll software. The portals will bring transparency and accountability to the payroll management of the organization. These automated modules not only save time and money for the organization but give some autonomy to employees over their functions. 

How to Integrate Innovative HR Practices with Traditional Ones?

Transforming into a digital and centralized hr system takes time. However, you must start with the core value of the HR department. Opting an hr and payroll software which includes zero-touch payroll and digital attendance system is the best way to go about implementing innovative hr practices.

Having a perfect balance of physical interaction of employees with digital processes is important to keep the essence of the hr department intact. 


In conclusion, Hr plays a significant role in the functions of the organization. And when it comes to advancement and modernization, HR can easily embrace it better than any department. Therefore, future-ready and innovative HR practices can not only benefit employees but can also stimulate an organization’s growth.